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Sort of forgot to post this here... Just a quickie piece tumblr post here:…
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Very nice.

Because the world needs more Prince Hans.  I hope he's in Frozen 2.  And I hope that if he is, Disney doesn't ruin his character.
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No, it doesn't.  And, no.  Hans will not be in Frozen 2.
Zwirrlicht's avatar
This is AWESOME! Best Hans fanart on dA! :O
TakingLiberty's avatar
I love his expression here. He looks like a valiant prince ready to defeat evil. Oh Hans, we all know you're just a conniving little sociopath. 
Kate-To's avatar
AWESOME!!! seriously, your drawings of Hans are fantastic, semi-realistic combined with Disney style, excellent personal touch. I would love to see more of Hans.
Lysmerry's avatar
Can I use this for a fanfiction? Would credit of course!
LexCorp213's avatar
He is my fav character in Frozen don't care if he is a villain, awesome job!
ashleyjordan's avatar
How expressive and realistic, wonderful presentation!
Vanessalisa's avatar
Okay I know he's  the bad guy I like him first Disney prince that's  a villian
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I'm amazed with your work of Hans. You draw him so well. I'm speechless! I've recently come to really like him as a character, so to find your creations of him felt like a gift fallen from Heaven. You pay so much attention to detail, wow! The expression of his face is pure insanity. I love it!!!
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The awesome about Hans: He's one of the few villains who face the powerful (and mistaken-as-villain) hero, with so little chances to win, but still tries. He's awesome. And your work here is awesome :D
uberwekkness's avatar
This is literally my favorite fanart that I have seen of him. Period.
therandomgal800's avatar
He looks so.... Insane. X3
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So did he kill Elsa or only wound her? 'Cause... in the other picture his sword is bloody and he's been impaled.

In this one, the sword is bloody and he's not. Just curious.

I'm not sure if the pictures are supposed to go together or if you just drew them to draw them.

Very beautiful artwork you have btw. You're such a pro at drawing Hans. :heart:
Desolee's avatar
Aww thank you kindly! 

Psst. He injured Anna and is about to face Elsa which leads into the previous picture ;)
Simmeh's avatar
Oh! Thank you. Makes sense to me now. Elsa is defending her sister. :)
SparklySockz's avatar
To be honest, I actually prefer Hans to Kristoff. I don't know why. ;p
Laridian's avatar
I know Hans is a villain, I don't care... he's still pretty. <3
Great work!
hollyoakhill's avatar
I never get tired of looking at this. The shoulder-flap thing on his coat blowing in the wind is a really cool detail btw. :heart:
abd you should probably know that my painting style is incredibly influenced by yours at the moment. ;P
Desolee's avatar
Aww Holly you're art is freaking amazing and I think my 'influence' has very little to do with it lol!!! <3
hollyoakhill's avatar
aww you're too kind! :) truly though, I've been working a lot on my painting skills since I started watching your streams, especially when you gave me those brushes. My learning curve has skyrocketed now :p
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