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Dem Rulez


1. Be respectful to every member, no matter who is paired with Desmond or what they think of Desmond.

2. Don't Troll people's artwork. Everyone here has spent times of their lives working on their pieces. (unless it was meant to be troll'd by the artist themselves lawl)

3. This club is mainly to support DESMOND MILES. He MUST be the main focus in fanart.

4. All pairings are acceptable, no discrimination on Hetero or Yaoi.

5. The site is mainly focused on Dominate Desmond, however, we DO accept Desmond bottoming.

6. When submitting your artwork, please follow the categories, Hetero Fanart belongs in Hetero Art, (Desmond/Lucy, Desmond/Rebecca, Desmond/Yourmomimeanwut?) Yaoi art belongs in Yaoi. It's common sense.

7. No one is to post in Featured Art or even attempt. That is left purely to the Founders.

And Last but not least--


Rules Concerning Becoming a Contributor

1. Must have Desmond Miles fan art ready to submit to the club when asking to be a contributor (all around AC fan art does not count)

2. Must be ready to submit 1 deviation every month. Contributors that don't contribute aren't cool.

3. Send a note to either the Founder or Co-Founder saying WHY you should be a contributor~ (this shows that you actually read the damn rules)

4. Being a contributor allows you to indulge in what we all love in this club--Desmond <3. So, have fun with your new position, okie lovelies?

------------ ----------------

Gallery Folders

The Saviour by Fluwari
The White Knight - Assassin's Creed 3 by Eddy-Shinjuku
06:02 PM by doubleleaf

Mature Content

AC:R: Fractured Mind by JessKat-art
Desmond Miles
Portal au by rimiter
Desmond Miles by Verahnika
Fade by schokolate
Slash Art
[Art Trade] A day at Luna Park (Animated) by Asraphel

Mature Content

AC: On the Animus by thekingofqueens25

Mature Content

Shut up, Shaun by GuruOfNonsense
Hetero Art
Animus Abuse by raccooncitizen
~I Never Wanted Let You Go.. by Anna-Pendleton
Blender 2.4 Test by Anna-Pendleton
Happy Ending ~ by Anna-Pendleton
TeenWolf: Hello Stiles by DaedraDagon
The Alliance-Assassin's Creed V by Clay-zius399
Commission:clash by doubleleaf
Acquired Tastes by MikuLance382
Mission failed (or promise...) by Vadu20
It Takes Two to Tango by ThePotatoStabber
All you need is love, Shaun by blueToaster
Desmond Cosplays
Desmond Miles by ran--fujimiya
Desmond Miles 2.0 by ran--fujimiya
Desmond Miles by 1Deidi
Desmond Miles by 1Kasumi
AC - Bleeding Effect 13-25 END by karaii
AC - Bleeding Effect p.7-12 by karaii


It's been a LONG LONG time in the coming, but here's an update entry!

Between the two of us, meaning me and Demapples, a lot of changes and distractions have kept us from exercising the club as we really wanted to. But I wanna personally thank everyone who's still around and to those that still send us art of Desmond. We really appreciate it!

It should not be a spoiler by now, but our precious Desmond has met his Maker. And what a damn shame, right? But that doesn't mean that the love for him will not continue. Any and all memorial art and peace art of him is greatly encouraged along with the regular lovin that we give to him.

Thanks again guys for being a part of this tiny little club. It brings me joy to see every single piece of Desmond art when it pops up in my inbox, it really does. :>
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