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Re-Use Policy

You can share these, unaltered, informally and noncommercially, without notifying, as long as my name and URL are attached. So if you want to link/pin/post one on Pinterest or Tumblr or Facebook, that's fine, please just include a link to You don't need to ask. I would, however, ask that you do not use my works to promote something you could reasonably assume I might take exception to. I've journalled that I get a lot of attitude for using Narcissa Malfoy's movie-hair in my art, so if you want to talk about how much you hate her hair, do me a favour and use a movie still for it, and not my art. I've never done a torture scene, but if I did, and it had a commentary about it, I don't know, symbolising the horror of war, don't post it on a fetish blog talking about how sexy it is. If I do a piece of erotic art about a long-married couple with a whole layered narrative about it, don't attach it to a rant about the decay of society into mindless sexual gratification. Just use a bit of common sense and stay within the spirit of the work. I'm pretty free-and-easy about sharing compared to some artists, so respect that and don't abuse it.

PDF Tutorials Marked As Freebies: You can link to my tutorials without asking or telling me. You can also pass them on, unaltered, on an informal, ad-hoc basis - so if a friend asks about something I've written about, you can email the PDF to him/her if you want. However, please don't redistribute them in a structured way. Don't put them on your website - link to them at or Don't include them in any tutorial collections (other than as a link), whether paid or free.

3D Models Marked As Freebies (All): You can use these to create renders, animations, and physical objects for your own enjoyment without asking or telling me. Use in commercial renders and animations is permitted, other than for fandom objects (see below), but you need to notify me. You may not use my models to 3D print physical objects for sale. You may not redistribute the underlying models, but you can link to them at or Where practical, I would appreciate a credit statement, but you don't need to re-engineer your posting practices to do so. If you're posting your render on Pinterest, I don't expect you to try to shoehorn a credit into the comment field.

3D Models Marked As Freebies (Fandom Based): This is about 3D models that are identifiably associated with the intellectual property of a third party - for instance, Hermione's Time Turner, the Deathly Hallows pendant, and Narcissa's spider earrings. These models can only be used for your personal enjoyment. This is not my choice - I cannot authorise you to use them for commercial purposes because I don't own the underlying design. Otherwise, the rules are as given for all 3D models.

Notification Generally: I've said in several places that notification is generally not required, but it is welcome if you think of it and think it's of value to let me know. I do like seeing what people make with my freebies, and I do get a warm glow from seeing discussions of my work. But it isn't a condition of use.


My intention is to include a text credit for elements that were artist freebies, so please let me know if you identify a freebie of yours that I haven't credited. I don't go to any great pains to list 3D elements that are paid-for items, since I've paid a license fee to use them already. (Vendors should note that I own some elements bought under other usernames - I won't always appear as "deslea" in your sales reports). Things that were freebies offered by an online storefront, like the Free 3D Models Page at Daz, I will credit if I remember that I got them free. But I view that as a commercial promotion rather than a true freebie, so I don't feel honour-bound to keep really close track.

I also sometimes identify software and render engines, but this isn't a hard-and-fast rule. Sometimes it depends on if I intend to post it at a software-specific place. It's a bit idiosyncratic.

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I've posted a few of your pictures in a closed facebook group and I wanted to do so on my Voldemort page over there. I always post links, not the pictures themselves, so when anyone clicks on it, they're led directly to your deviantart gallery. I only post the pictures because I really love them and want to show your amazing art to my friends. I really hope you're OK with that.
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That's totally cool, and I appreciate the compliment, truly!