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Witching Hour (Bellatrix/Rodolphus)



Illustration for my fic Deliverance. This one is a bit different to my usual fare - in it, Bella and Rodolphus are the primary couple, guarding each other from Voldemort (using the Fidelius Charm, among other things). It's based more-or-less on this extract:

You wonder it yet again when his grip on her mind finally fades some hours later, when she rises in the night to wash him away, and crawls back into your arms, quiet and pale. When she says she loves you, like the night before had never happened. Like these witching hours, where secrets may be spoken, are the only ones that are real for her. Perhaps, you think, they are.

I was shooting for something a bit surreal here, something suggestive of the pre-dawn hours, hence the mix of heightened colours and darkness.

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I really like your Bellatrix/Rodolphus pieces a lot. They're a wonderful pairing who get far too little appreciation/acceptance in the fandom.