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Hey boobs, nice girl

By Deslaias
My facebook page: [link]

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Meryo's avatar
bwaha, funny title
love the posing
Taxsis's avatar
Maybe a little bit of more shading/blend on the stomach/chest area.
I don't really see much of a problem with it, your Anatomy is awesome!
The colors you used behind the character makes her really pop out.
Good job. :)
SupernovaSword's avatar
oh my god! she is so pretty!
shrouded-tears's avatar
Some parts look a little off, but it looks great overall!
X24nekosan's avatar
DeiSakuChris's avatar
Great work, that's a muscular women. ^^
viperv6's avatar
very nice done :)
ShadowOfDarkAndLite's avatar
I wish I was built like that. xD
Galaxxxaze's avatar
Really nice work on this one! The anatomy and soft shading looks fantastic!
Smezz's avatar
Interesting! I like the background a lot! The pose is well done as well. The muscles look a little... odd though. Other than that it's really good!

I had to look at the comments to realize that it was a scarf. Thought it was some oddly think and smooth smoke as well.
VincentThresher's avatar
nice work very well done
AshtreeJ's avatar
beautiful colors
LadyYamiMegami's avatar
The boobs aren't so nice. The ribcage for example is too prominent and full of muscles that seem out of place just like the breasts; they look like pasted there despite the nice technique of shading and coloring.
Ouroboros19XX's avatar
Title hooked me, then I was amazed by the picture! ^.^

I love the style of that mist draped about her body. I wish I could draw the human form as well as you do!

<-- Jelly.

Well done!
SpiritBlocks's avatar
This is really good! Great detail and hilarious title :D
WizAdopts's avatar
Amg that title killed me! 
You did an amazing job!
Cerazul's avatar
The artwork is amazing, though I really find the title quite disturbing.. I have to agree with the other comments that the title can't possible work out with the piece..
KaldraM's avatar
Lol that title.
CatCouch's avatar
I'm really digging the colors in the background. Their vibrancy provides a nice contrast to her more realistic muted tones. The translucent waves are a cool effect and add a lot in my opinion. I really would change the title though, it doesn't do the piece justice.
Seraphine-Harmonium's avatar
I don't like it. Without any other explanation, it seems like all this is doing is objectifying her. Even in the title it refers to her as "boobs" reducing her to a single bodily feature. I don't eve like her breasts--they look fake, and the rest of her body looks really distorted. If you are going to make pictures that objectify a woman, just go all out & make it porn.
ZawArt's avatar
I simple love it!! Great colours in background!!:clap:
AlexLandish's avatar
Nice pose! I think there is a little problem with muscles in the boobs area, but anyway picture looks great
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