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About Desktop Ponies

Hello and welcome to the Desktop Ponies Team.

We make animations for the Desktop Ponies application which allow these cute little ponies to run all over your desktop. Feel free to watch us and if you know how to sprite, add some animations which can be submitted on our ponychan thread.

- Group membership -
This group is for members who have contributed to the project and created animations that were included in the program. Please don't ask us to let you join this group if you haven't contributed anything yet. Instead, go to our ponychan thread (linked below) and see how you can help out.
Or you could always just watch us instead. :)

- Requests -
This group does not accept requests. If you want us to make a pony for you or add a certain character to the program, you should visit the individual members' accounts and check if they are open for suggestions or requests.

- Desktop Ponies download -
You can always find the newest version of our program in RoosterDragon's GitHub.
Arrow right by solchu123Click for ponies. Arrow-left by solchu123

- Templates & Tutorials -
Please make sure to read our terms of use as detailed below.
:bulletblue:You can download our templates pack here.
:bulletblue:Direct link to base pony download with tutorial video.

- Notable Links -
Our Ponychan thread. You can download the program here. This is also the place to go if you want to contribute, report bugs or have other questions about the program.

Our OC collection (last updated sometime in 2015).

All these sprites are fan made and fall under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, therefore people cannot charge money or receive it (via donations or voluntary payment) at all.
Credit is to be given when these sprites and bases are used.

We are not affiliated with Hasbro in any way and characters remain property of their respective owners. Current base pony model along with several animations made by monkeyjay.

Gallery Folders

mlp:fim Angel Bunny animations by emeralddarkness
Svengallop, full Desktop Ponies pack. by Anonycat
Desktop Ponies - A Beginner's Guide by Botchan-MLP
Animated Tardis (FOR REAL) by Anonycat
Mane Six
Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls) trotting by Botchan-MLP
Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls) idle by Botchan-MLP
Princess Twilight crystallized by Botchan-MLP
Pinkie Pie wedding dance by Botchan-MLP
Family Members
Windy Whistles flying by Botchan-MLP
Windy Whistles trotting by Botchan-MLP
Windy Whistles idle by Botchan-MLP
Young Granny Smith trotting by Botchan-MLP
Background Ponies
Changeling #6 flying by Botchan-MLP
Changeling #6 trotting by Botchan-MLP
Changeling #6 idle by Botchan-MLP
Changeling #5 trotting by Botchan-MLP
The Sphinx flying by Botchan-MLP
The Sphinx walking 2 by Botchan-MLP
The Sphinx walking by Botchan-MLP
The Sphinx idle 2 by Botchan-MLP
One Shots
Kerfuffle flying (left) by Botchan-MLP
Kerfuffle flying by Botchan-MLP
Kerfuffle trotting (left) by Botchan-MLP
Kerfuffle trotting by Botchan-MLP
Secondary Characters
Ocellus (dragon) being awkward by Botchan-MLP
Ocellus (dragon) sitting by Botchan-MLP
Ocellus (dragon) walking by Botchan-MLP
Ocellus (dragon) idle by Botchan-MLP
mlp:fim Tank Animations by emeralddarkness
mlp:fim Angel Bunny animations by emeralddarkness
Tank flying by Botchan-MLP
Owlowiscious flying by Botchan-MLP
G1,2,3,3.5 Ponies
Toola-Roola trotting by Botchan-MLP
Toola-Roola idle by Botchan-MLP
Zipzee by james539
Firefly loop-the-loop by Botchan-MLP
Homes and Props
Flax and Wheat Goops For Stuff stand by Anonycat
Rocky by Anonycat
Madame LaFlour by Anonycat
Sir Lints-a-lot by Anonycat
OCs, Tumblr, Fanon Ponies
Spotlight Splash Trot Desktop Pony by Blaze5565
Juniper Montage trotting by Botchan-MLP
Star Step
Applejack Sleeping by StarStepPony
Pinkie and Gummy by DeathPwny
Updated Snippy Snaps, Trot Right by Anonycat
Rarity Gala Dress Right by The-Coop
Fiddelsticks by james539
Lesson Zero Twilight Sprite by supersaiyanmikito
Twinkleshine trotting right and blinking by fanofetcetera
Desktop Ponies S1 Luna Folded Wings by Starlyk
Unisonoflove by ponynoia
Filly Luna - Standing by RJ-P
Trotcycle Carrot Left by Auraion
Ms. Peachbottom Desktop Pony by Loaded--Dice
Steglad aka Humle aka the wizard
Cheerilee trotcycle by Steglad
mlp:fim Tank Animations by emeralddarkness
Spotlight Splash Trot Desktop Pony by Blaze5565









So it seems that there is a lot of confusion about what is and is not allowed to do with our sprites. Some are under the impression that anything goes with them while some are scared that because we asked a few people to stop doing some things with our sprites that all uses of them are banned. That is not the case.

Our sprites are free use for non commercial purposes.

This means you can
*Make trot cycle ponies for yourselves or friends, just do not try to get anything out of it like money or points or what have you even if it is through voluntary donations. Also, please credit us, don't say you created it out from nothing.

*You can use our sprites in non-profit games or videos. Please just put us in the credits somewhere and once again keep it free for the community. We love seeing our stuff being used and enjoyed by everyone.

*You can edit existing ponies to make new poses, ponies, interactions, etc, but please give credit to the original animator. We made the bases to be used so please use them, but don't repost them as your own. Plus if you work on a canon pony, if they are done well enough you can have them put in the program itself. We like having new members and enjoy seeing the creativity of everyone here.

The one thing we don't like seeing are others stealing from us or trying to profit off unsuspecting or unknowing individuals. Desktop Ponies was  made to be used freely by everyone so please keep it free and credit the individuals who work hard to make these like you should any other artist who's work you use or modify.
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Hiya! Is there any way to get this program to work over Minecraft?
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The game is done: Canterlot Siege Resurgence
MasterTime13 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2019
Hello. My team and I are making a game, and we want to take your sprites for it. Tell me, can we then encrypt the game along with your sprites? The fact is that if the game is not encrypted, then it will be easy to crack and extract a secret plot (of which there are a lot)
therefore, we cannot do open source in the game, but then what should we do?
And yes, of course we will point you to the "authors" section
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