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Listening music records on the turntable has been in popularity for years and this trend is getting a big resurgence in popularity among the DJ and hi-fidelity audiophile community. This is probably because of the great sound quality of the turntables. Turntables are praised all over the globe for offering great music listening experience to every user. But, have you ever tried to find out what ensures the longevity and performance of the turntable? Well, it is the turntable cartridge which ensures its performance and keeps its smooth operations. As the cartridge plays such an important role, you need to have superior quality turntable cartridge in hand. Keep reading to know about different types of turntable cartridges available in the market to make a knowledgeable decision by yourself.

Types of Turntable Cartridges

All of the turntable cartridges which you see and explore in the market are based on two designs i.e. moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. Although, the selection of the cartridges depends somewhat on the specification of the turntable as like other audio components, but sometimes it also depends on the type of the music we love to listen. So, having a clear understanding of both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges is very important to ensure a wonderful music listening experience.

Moving Magnet Cartridges: Moving magnet aka MC cartridges move the magnet of the coil in order to create a tiny voltage. The produced voltage is then transferred from the cartridge to the amplifier in order to produce quality sound from the record. It is one of the most common choices for the music lovers as well as the professional musicians for getting lush and mellow sound.

Moving Coil Cartridges: In the moving coil cartridges, the required voltage is produced as the stylus tracks the record. This, in turns, vibrates the wire coils integrated within the body of the cartridges. It is one of the most common choices of the audio lovers to have a great music listening experience. Most of the musician and DJ players even prefer to use MC cartridges to ensure quality, clear, and crisp sound during the musical performance.

Which One is the Best to Buy?

When it comes to selection between MM and MC cartridge, most of the sound artists prefer to buy MC design cartridge over the MM cartridges. This is mainly because the sound quality of the MC cartridges is more clear, loud and detailed than their MM counterparts. However, MM cartridges can produce sweet and lush sound as well.

If you have made your mind for buying turntable cartridges, you should visit a reliable and renowned supplier to grab the best deals on turntable cartridges for sale. It is always advised to do a comprehensive research about different suppliers to have an amazing shopping experience.
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