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On a cold plain backed by jagged mountains a shaggy white beast trudges through the snow.  Covered in long white hair and walking upright, this is the yeti, the mysterious cryptid also known as the abominable snowman that haunts the Peaks and valleys of the Himalayas.  As he lumbers through a snowstorm, he turns towards the viewer bearing his large tusks.

Generally, I try to keep my art consistent with the season.  Technically, it is autumn right now, but with excessively cold temperatures hitting this year and reports of record snows in mid November from around the U.S.  I felt it was time to release this winter themed scene.  I rather think of this creature as representing the coming of a hard winter.

This scene was inspired by one of the most well known images of Bigfoot, the Patterson film at Bluff Creek in California.  I mimicked the creatures pose as it has become symbolic of the sasquatch/hairy-man type legends.

Note: the creation of this image involved the use of purchased products

Tools Used: Daz Studio, LookAtMyHair, Vue, Gimp

Daz (where to get characters, clothes, hair, and fur tools):
Vue (for building the scene and rendering):
GIMP (an open source alternative to Photoshop):

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I would like to see a thriller about The Yeti in Theaters.