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Velociraptors Prowling the Shoreline


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A pair of velociraptors patrols the shore of an ancient lake looking for their next meal. The latest in my paleoart series.

Note: this scene uses purchased content. The rapotors were posed in poser then imported into Vue where the rest of the scene was constructed. Final rendering was done in Vue and took about 14 hours on an Intel I5 2.8 GHz with 8 GB of RAM. Post production was done in GIMP.

Poser (for posing the characters):
Vue (for building the scene and rendering):
GIMP (an open source alternative to Photoshop):

Thanks for looking!

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You did a really good job. But there is only one thing you were probably wrong: this velociraptor does not have teeth covering lips. You may ask "How can you be sure that velociraptor had such lips", and I say "because the jaws had almost the same width" (……) without such lips, velociraptor would constaintly bute it's own gums.
Ah, one more thing: the second finger of maniraptorans should have flight feathers.
Your welcome.
And having in mind that not all paleoartists accapt others arguments without insulting them: Thanks man.
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Hello, I love dinosaurs and I am a huge fan of your art. I recently have been working on designing a dinosaur trading card game for personal, non-montage purpose, but just to show my friends, not to use online or for money purposes or anything of the sort, so I was wondering if I could use your art. I would obviously give credit on the card itself even though it is for private uses only. It is okay if you decline, but I am just an aspiring young person looking for something to pour their time into.
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Very impressive work :clap:
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THANK YOU deskridge... for approving "Velociraptors Prowling the Shoreline" to our NEW DAZimals Group :)
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Anyone who says feathered dinosaurs look silly has obviously never seen this image.
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Love dinos! :D Awesome work!
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Your fantastic artwork has been featured in :iconnaturalworldartists: [link] :heart:
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you're welcome^^
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Ahh... Love your paleo art!!
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Oh the mist is so perfect for this one. Love the raptors and scene, you just always amaze me with your scenery!
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Wait, they dont look anything the ones on "Jurassic Park?
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