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The Paraceratherium Migration

Paraceratheriums were the largest land mammals to ever exist. They lived between 37 million years ago and 23 million years ago and were related to rhinoceroses. There's no evidence to suggest that they migrated regularly, but this is a special migration. Apparently, their extinction was caused by climate change, so I have depicted them in this artwork as on the move searching for new lands that can support them. Hence they have wandered into colder territory where fir trees dot the landscape.

To emphasize this new environment, I've added in the foreground an early form of saber-tooth, a Eusmilus, known as a false saber-tooth (it was not actually a saber tooth cat). That funny beard that it has is actually pouches that it can keep its teeth in. The Eusmilus wouldn't dream of hunting the Paraceratheriums. They'd crush him in a second. So, he just sits and watches them pass by.

It's very possible that the Eusmilus and Paraceratherium may have missed each other by several million years, hence never actually crossed paths. However, as my paleo art has always been more art than science, you'll have to excuse the possible anachronism.


Paraceratheriums are the Indricotherium model by Smith Micro, available at [link]

SaberTooth Reloaded by AM, available at [link]

Everything else is vue 8 objects.
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MickeyRayRex's avatar
i really like you style of blending modern, prehistoric, and fantasy creatures into this sort of mythical relm.
IzakielThePaladin's avatar
Oh noes! Saber tooth got his eyes on poor little Paraceratherium
Great work!
TonyGCampagna's avatar
Gorgeous piece, love it!
Paraceratherium's avatar
Awesome! Life at large! A mammal that rivaled a mid-sized sauropod in mass!
ParamitePie's avatar
I really love paraceratherium, it's a really interesting and puzzling creature... You've designed them a little bulky-er than they're thought to have been - but it looks real good. I adore the realism.
Great job!
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Your lighting is incredible in this image! Love that saber-toothed guy perched on the stone just passively watching the Paraceratherium pass by. Awesome scene! :icon8snowleopardplz:
Kachinadoll's avatar
Your most welcome! :iconjass-chan:
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Great job. I use Vue also but have never been able to achieve anything this good.
sallymalene's avatar
Fantastic work!!
MDPerry's avatar
Great piece! I love the POV and atmospheric perspective. Feels very real to look at!
deskridge's avatar
Thanks! I spent a huge amount of time working with this atmosphere.
Yapok96's avatar
Wow! Nice job! How do you get the almost "painterly" effect? It's a very impressive render!
deskridge's avatar

The painting look comes mostly from a lot of work with lighting and atmosphere in Vue. Quite often, I spend more than 50% of my time on an image tweaking these.
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Hey you guys know which way to the predators' lane? I think i missed the darn exit again.

great stuff
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