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The Hunter and the Buffalo

By deskridge
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A Native American warrior is hunting in the grasslands of the American west.  He hears a sound from over the next rise and carefully moves in that direction.  However, cresting the hill is not some pronghorn antelope or deer.  Rather it's his worst nightmare, a massive bison bull.  The great beast stares directly at the man.  The hunter armed only with a spear freezes and locks eyes with the huge animal.  In the cold morning air, the buffalo breaths a cloud of steam as it huffs read to accept the hunter's challenge.

For this work, I wanted to give the bison a real sense of menace that threatens not only the American Indian but also the viewer.  So, I placed it high in the composition, in a dominant position where it looks down over everything.

I create this image digitally using 3D rendering applications and paint programs.

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Excellent detail.
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I admire guts but this dude is way overmatched. The best thing he can do is try to let this monster pass. Good luck! .................Needless to say I love this image.

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Bison are true giants
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he's going to need a bigger stick..
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Awesome scene! The Buffalo deserve some toy to play with;) (Wink)
A great tribute to some of the most noble animal in the world.Love 
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Who is hunter now?
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A powerful image. 
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Thank you for my favorite animal and the native American hunter.  Both were Kings of the Plains.
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You're welcome!
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this looks like it was made in a game engine, not drawn, would i be correct to assume that?
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It's a 3D render +  some digital painting.  You can see how I make things on my youtube channel:…
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Buffalo: Don't even think about it.
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  A great, realistic render. And, good, descriptive story - it adds to the art.
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Holy, epically sensational! The Wondrous Buffalo is stunning and The Lakota Hunter looks incredible. The designs, interaction, expressions, poses, horns, fur, eyes, nostrils, anatomy, muscles, scythe, markings, feathers, pants, muscles, stances, battle, sky, clouds, wind, field, sharp grass, plant life, mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, shadows, effects, movement, flow, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, textures, hues, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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fantastic scene :) seems that this buffalo is too big for steak :)
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This is a beautiful piece, I love the placement of the bison, very threatening!
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