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T-Rex vs Titanoboa

By deskridge
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A tyrannosaurus rex has wandered into a swamp and found himself at odds with the largest snake ever known to exist.  The massive titanoboa coils around the king of carnivorous dinosaurs and rears up, mouth open.  The t-rex is no push over though as the turns up to face the snake bringing to bear his massive mouth full of sharp teeth. 

Such an encounter is a bit anachronistic, but it was fun to make.  Tyrannosaurus lived in North America during the late Cretaceous era around 66 to 68 million years ago.  Titanoboas lived during the Paleocene era, after the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs, in what is now Columbia around 60 million years ago.  The two were separated by around seven million years.  I did a bit of Googling to see if any giant snakes existed in the Cretaceous, but could not find any.  Though I do wonder a bit at the evolutionary history of the Titanoboa, did it really evolve from the rather small snakes of the Cretaceous to be that big in just  seven million years? For now, this will just have to be a "Skull Island" fantasy scene.

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I've seen the Titanoboa in a documentary on TV. It was a big snake!

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Very interesting scenario. However, I do remember hearing that a fully grown Titanoboa spends the majority of its life in the water, because its weight is too massive for it to survive on land (a scenario that also applies to gigantic aquatic mammals, such as whales).

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Excellent and powerful art!
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Superb picture.
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Let's make this more interesting. Place your bets, everybody! T-Rex or Titanoboa? Who will win?

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I'm betting on T-Rex. One bite and the snake is toast.

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The Titanoboa knows that the Rex is too big for it to be a meal so it's obvious that it's attacking the Rex not because it's wants to eat it it's because it's a much more powerful predator than it and killing it would lesson the competition
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Very good your art loved. However, there are two erroneous “details”, t rex would leave Titanoboa in the middle with 1 bite and the false and outdated teaching in evolution.

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