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Swamp Lycaenops

For this paleoart work, I’ve depicted a Lycaenops stalking through a shallow wetland. I couldn’t really find much on the habitat of the ancient therapsid. After all, this is from a time before the dinosaurs. So, I’ve used a bit of artistic license and placed this one in a fun environment with lots of mist and water. With long legs for wading and sharp teeth, I suppose he could have been a passable fisherman.

The model is by Dinoraul. I posed him using Poser, then imported him into Vue where I constructed the rest of the scene. Final rendering was done in Vue and took about 24 hours. Post production was done using Gimp.
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Awesome art. Gorgonopsids are awesome and I love how you used a 3d model depicted with fur. Can you please do more art like this with permian animals, Do one with a pack of lycaenops hunting at night, that would be a good idea because gorgonopsids may have been nocturnal.
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Where do you get the stock images images of these dinosaurs? If you dont mind me asking 👍
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They are 3D models.  I got many of them them from and  A few I sculpted myself.
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I love the idea of a furred Lycaeops! 
Im going to make a character of one and make it furred

Thank you for inspiring me!
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I will give you the link when its done ^.^
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Truly fascinating - the ancestors of dinosaurs and mammals!
So to speak somekind of god creature or something.
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Anyhow thanks alot! [link]
Did you know this colleague of yours?
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I have to say that Theraspids are my favorite group of extinct animals.
Just one thing: there is no grass at this era. But this is still awesome work
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Good catch.

--And lollipop is right, Grass didn't evolve until the early-to-mid Paleogene era.
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Awesome! I really like the trees I see in your work. Do you make them yourself?
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Yes and no...mostly no. The trees are usually start as one of the standard Vue trees, but then I go into the plant editor and alter it until I find a suitable shape. Then I change the texture to one of the special treebark materials from the plant section. They are sort of like hyperterrains and have special edit functions that I use to get the look I want.
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You're welcome. :)
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Excellent pose and composition!
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love the big cat markings and that delicately raised paw. reminds me of some of my fearsome pets who strike terror into the hearts of songbirds and squirrels.
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