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I getting to where I enjoy paleo art more and more. It gives me a chance to create a fun landscape but then still have an interesting focal point.

The sabertoothed cat is the Millenium Big cat from I posed it in poser, then imported it into Vue where I built the rest of the scene.
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as i said, i've been a fan of paleo-art since my childhood, and you are doing good work... :D
my fave artist/painter (i have two books with loads of illustrations by him) is z. burian...
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Thanks for the link. I've come across a few of his works before. He's definitely got that early 20th century illustrator style. Some of his works with people remind me a lot of NC Wyeth. I'm sure you know about him, but Google Charles R. Knight, he's got some fantastic paleo art.
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i'm glad you like it...
what i like about him is his great inner feeling for not only the animals but also the plants and landscapes, weather a.s.o...
thank you so much for pointing out to those two artists, i didn't know neither nor... and like them both... the same goes for them, not just "realistic" but as you said: enthusiastic... :D
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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Awesome work. Great job all over.
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As always, very good. Just maybe too much blurry fur? :D
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Thanks! Yeah, I see what you mean about the fur. I considering going back and replacing the cat with a different sabertooth model. The mil big cat has some issues with the ears and mouth that bother me. It'd give me a change to fix the fur.
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great work, deskridge
<3 your prehistorics
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yeah! :D :D :D :D cool vision! nice
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Another great one! Your landscapes are among my favorite ones I've seen, you make them look so lifelike!
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Thanks! I usually spend the majority of my time on the landscape. Vue makes it so much more fun than when I did it the old fashion way with oil paints.
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One can tell that you do :) that's the beauty of it!
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