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Saber-Tooth on a Rock


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A smilodon sits on a rock outcropping surrounded by golden fall fields. Looking down into the dense grass, he sees something he doesn't like. He snarls and bears his wicked teeth as something threatens him from below.

This one is a bit more simple than my usual scenes. It started out because I decided that I did not have enough casual long-sleeve shirts for the winter. So, I decided to make one featuring one of my favorite paleo animals. It really wound up not working well for a shirt, but I rather like the way it turned out as a general artwork.

Note this scene uses purchased content. The cat was posed in poser then imported into Vue where the rest of the scene was constructed. Final rendering was done in Vue and took about 24 hours on an Intel I5 2.8 GHz with 8 GB of RAM. Post production was also done in GIMP.

Thanks for looking!


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There was a time where people like us were hunted by animals like this.
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Very cool! I would imagine these cats were just spectacular, wouldn't you love to time travel and see them in the flesh? Protected of course ;-P
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Nice wild kitty! :thumbsup:
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U r welcome pal! :ahoy:
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Your awesome artwork has been featured in :iconnaturalworldartists: [link]
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you're welcome^^
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I think I know where that Smilodon came from I have really wanted it but trying to use the bear model with fur gave me terrible results. How'd ya get this to look so good? It's very nice!
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With the saber-tooth, I pretty much just lucked out with the fur on this one. You do have to be careful with the pose though as some of them will trash the fur (especially in the tail).

I have the AM bear too, it usually requires some "repairs" using the clone tool in post production.
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Fur really rocks nicely on this render! :)
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The fur was really turned out nice in the render. Fur can be so hard to be realistic appearing!
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awesome !great Daniel
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Wow, really wonderful looking cat.
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