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Pony Express Rider



A Pony Express rider rides a pinto colored mustang as it gallops across the grassy plains of the American wild west.  They move so fast that wind whips through the horse's mane and tail and lifts the mail satchel from the young man's back.  In the distance behind them, fir trees emerge from the afternoon haze and further still snow covered peaks rise towards the afternoon sky.

The Pony Express is one of the most popular legends of the American West.  It was, in fact, rather short lived running for only about a year and a have between spring of 1860 and fall of 1861.  Even so, some of the riders became some of the most popular people of the Wild West. such as Buffalo Bill Cody.

This is actually another view of a pony express rider that I did a few years back (…) Where I had a tighter scene of the rider where you could not see all of the horse.  For this one, I wanted the entire rider and horse in the scene shown in profile as if they are galloping across the composition.  I wanted the scene to appear almost as if it were a logo that represented speed and reliability.

Millennium Horse:
Mane and Tail Set:

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Daniel Eskridge 
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I'm going to be designing a cover for a time-travel/ detective novel in which I'd love to use this image of the pony express rider. What would you charge for this to be included in on the book cover? The bookstore in which the novel would be sold is a writer's co-op, indie publisher ( . Full disclosure: I am a co-author of the novel and regularly design covers for other authors because, well, it's the best form of meditation for me.