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A Percheron horse stands in long golden grass on a cloudy autumn day.  Wind blows through this wilderness picking up the animal's gray mane and tail.

A Percheron is a breed of draft horse that originated in the Perche valley in western France. They are usually gray or black, but other colors can occasionally be found. They have a strong, muscular build suitable for heavy work. Percherons are known for their intelligence, willingness to work, and gentle nature, making them suitable for various tasks and easy to train. Historically, they were used for war, agriculture, and hauling heavy freight. Today, they are often seen in horse shows, parades, and as carriage horses. They are also used in forestry work because of their strength and ability to work in conditions where machines cannot. The breed's ancestry is a bit of a mix, with some believing that the Percheron is descended from the ancient "forest horse" native to northern Europe, combined with Arab and Breton bloodlines introduced through various invasions and migrations. The Percheron breed has contributed to the development of other horse breeds and has been exported worldwide, especially to North America, where it has become particularly popular.

From the artist: I got a request specifically for this breed.  In addition to giving it the gray coat, I gave the horse a bulkier frame than my usual horses giving this one a build more appropriate for a strong draft horse.  Creating this in August of 2023, I was looking forward to autumn and decided to set this scene with some lively colors of fall in the background.

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You're such a good artist! it's always so realistic!