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May 8, 2011
Macrauchenia by *deskridge. A beautiful scenery from far past giving us a glimpse about a life we never know...
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These were once real creatures. They lived during the late Pleistocene in South America and went extinct roughly 20,000 years ago. They don't really have any close cousins among modern animals.

I got the Macrauchenia model a very long time ago, but never did anything but test renders with it until now. I really like the almost alien look these creatures have. I'm definitely planning on using this model again.

The Macrauchenia were posed in poser then imported into Vue where I constructed the rest of the scene. The render time was approximately 22 hours on an Intel i3 system with 8 GB of RAM.

The Macrauchenia model is from Smith Micro and was purchased from ContentParadise [link]

Everything else is stock vue objects.
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Cool artwork.  You know how, when saying goodbye, some people say, "see you later, alligator," and "bye for a while, crocodile"?  Here's one I made up:
"I'll be seein' ya, Macrauchenia"!
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The only animal in which I could think of that looks just like these guys is the Tapir, which live in South America as well.
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AAAAAwww! They looks so cute with their little trunks! 
Amazing and funny animals indeed. Are they of any chance related to the tapir animals? 
deskridge's avatar
Yes, they are related.
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One of my favourite prehistorics.
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The giant extinct mammal were one of the most interesting creatures. Good to see them in 3D art.
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Love this, very striking, love the creatures too!
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Oh my, this is fantastic! Excellent render!
I'd like to use this image for our book about dinosaurs. Could you please kindly guide me how to proceed it? Or, could you let me know your direct email address?
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You can contact me at
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I've always loved these unlikely-looking beasts! Great rendition!
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Wonderful! It looks stunning!
Some seriously cool critters. Very well done.
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This is a true beauty! Love the soft feel to the image! Excellent work!
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Their fur is amazing, makes you want to touch it! It is amazingly detailed, too.
Vampyric-Saiyaness's avatar
Beautiful, just beautiful. Your work is inspiring.
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