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Hesperornis by the Sea

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Here is a new artwork for my paleoart series. This my second work of Hesperornis art. I have again used the more duck-like coat of feathers that I made for the last one simply because I think it is more visually interesting.

Hesperornis was an aquatic bird that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. Unlike modern birds, it had teeth in addition to a beak. Its name means "western bird"

The usual disclaimer about my paleoart: When it comes to paleoart, the images I create favor 'art' more than 'paleo'. While I try my best to depict animals as accurately as possible, I'm make no claim that they 100% scientifically accurate. The same goes for the environment I depict them in. I am primarily interested in creating aesthetically pleasing images. Scientific accuracy comes second.

Note: this work uses purchased content. The bird was posed using Poser 6 and was then impported into Vue 9 where the rest of the scene was constructed. Final rendering was done in vue and took about 12 hours on an Intel I5 2.8GHz with 8 GB of RAM. Post production was done in GIMP.
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Amazing work !
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You're very welcome :)
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Gorgeous texture
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THANK YOU deskridge... for approving "Hesperornis by the Sea" to our NEW DAZimals Group :)
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Great work! How you have done the feathers? Have you used hair particles for it?
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Nothing so elaborate for the feathers for this particular. I just painted them in GIMP during the postwork phase using a bristle brush. When I do use 3d to render fur though, like I'm currently doing for a mammoth image, I use ZBrush's Fibermesh feature.
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Thanks for the answer!
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This is an amazing piece. I might buy the hesperonis now XD
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Gorgeous! I love the serene lake here just as if one stepped into a time portal and went back in time to capture the moment. Beautiful!
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is not a photography? impressed
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This is a truly awesome image. When I grow up I want to make images like yours. Ironically you are only two years older than me =) I better get crakin
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