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Yes, that bird has teeth! Hesperornis was a species of marine bird that lived during the Campanian age (late in the Cretaceous period). That would be about eighty million years ago. So this guy probably had to contend with a few dinosaurs when waddling on land and plesiosaurs when swimming through water. Generally, recreations of Hesperornis give it a penguin-like coat of feathers. I've opted for a more duck-like appearance simply because I think it makes for a better color scheme in the image.

This image uses purchased content. The bird was posed in poser 6 then imported into vue 9.5 where the rest of the scene was composed. Final rendering was done in Vue and took about 2 hours on an intel i5 2.8GHz with 8GB of RAM. Post production was done using GIMP.

A quick disclaimer about my paleoart...

When it comes to paleoart, the images I create favor 'art' more than 'paleo'. While I try my best to depict animals as accurately as possible, I'm make no claim that they 100% scientifically accurate. The same goes for the environment I depict them in. I am primarily interested in creating aesthetically pleasing images. Scientific accuracy comes second.
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I always thought Hesperornis kinda looked like a giant cormorant.
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See, I read that the Hesperornis was incapable of standing on its legs and so dragged itself like a big seal or something, but I like this much better than what that source said. After all, like loads of people said, what living person is really to say what they looked like?
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Well, I wouldn't say "Fail" so much as "artistic license".
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Not him, your statement "what living person" .....and yes I could draw a flying tyrannosaurus and that would be artistic license too. 
Veggieman's avatar
As may be, but you needn't be so rude about it.
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
I didn't intend to offend , I'm just pointing out that hesperornis sadly lacked the ability to stand in this manner :(
Veggieman's avatar
Well, to be fair, you didn't really offend me.  I was just taken aback by your initial response.  As as for Hesperornis being able to stand…you're right: at the very least, it's implausible.
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Magnificient illustration !
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excellent work!
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Thanks, again!
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you're welcome! :)
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I love the scene and so impressed by your skills, both in Vue and Photoshop. Those rocks are perfect, great variety in color/pattern/size and the highlights, wow. The painting on the bird is also masterful.
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Thanks, again!
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Just love your paleo series - they're so fascinating! :)
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except Hesperornis moved on its belly in reality
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Gorgeous! I just love your terrain and scenes! Not to mention your animals are perfect in posing and all, wonderful work Daniel!
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You're very welcome!
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This is a cool species. It is a bit odd to see him with teeth, although I would think he would need them to defend himself against all the scary predators that wanted to eat him for lunch. hehe Love how you can see the tiny soft feathers peeking out of his coat. Excellent landscape you have created here as well. Your river rocks looks so real! Awesome and interesting image! Yea! :iconpounceglomp:
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