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Glyptodons were giant cousins of the armadillo that lived in South and Central America during the last ice age. There were about the size of a small car and ate the tougher grasses and plants that grew on river banks and lake shores. They went extinct about 10,000 years ago. I read somewhere that they were likely hunted by humans and that people may have used their shells for storm shelters.

This image is part of my paleoart series.

A disclaimer about my paleoart: When it comes to paleoart, the images I create favor 'art' more than 'paleo'. While I try my best to depict animals as accurately as possible, I'm make no claim that they 100% scientifically accurate. The same goes for the environment I depict them in. I am primarily interested in creating aesthetically pleasing images and paintings. Scientific accuracy comes second behind artistic expression.

Note: this scene uses purchased content.

Tools used: Gimp, LookAtMyHair, Vue, GIMP

Thanks for looking!


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Ice Age. Also, they're so tall... What a big target.
Hii deskridge its me again!:) i wonder if u need so facts?? It would be kinda cool to work with u. I mean that kinda art is 10/10. Please let me now if we can team up?? Thnx and really good work. Keep it up:)
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Its not just the animals that are great in your restorations, but the scenery, too!
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Aquí en uruguay, particularmente en montevideo, existe una situación curiosa con los Gliptodontes. En muchas obras de construcción sobre la costa se han encontrado restos óseos de éstos, pero la abundancia de los mismos no justifica el trabajo paleontológico. Además no hay dinero para ello.
Excelente trabajo, como siempre.
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Very nice render.
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I like the light and the composition here, also with the glyptodont looking away from the camera here. Well done. :)
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Excellent! (as usual...)
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I love your paleoart series, some of your best images!
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I agree with *evoluzione. Expression is very cool :D
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Nice!  He kind of has a "Who? Meee??!" expression. :)
muy bueno, hermoso lamento que se haya extinguido aunque ver tu dibujo tan bueno que puedo permitir que mi imaginación vuele y me diga que tu quizas vistes uno con vida
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Fantastic critter!
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