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Facing the Mammoths


"Facing the Mammoths"

In a prehistoric wilderness, a woman stands facing the massive Gods of Winter.  Three great woolly mammoths emerge from the cold pleistocene mists.  The woman, dressed in white fur and animal skins stands resolute, holding her spear easily at her side as not to threaten the mighty animals that approach her, yet not backing down.

To create this artwork, I used 3d Digital rendering and digital painting skills.


Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge


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Chronomenae, the sequel to Chronopolis

by joey racano

Chapter Two, She the Mammoth

Morning brought soft light, and the smell of hot coffee. Infinity sat forward, reached her arms over her head and stretched. Justin was there handing her a cup before the first yawn ended. She took the cup, smiled and said, “First yawn and first dawn.”

Justin stood at the screens, reading data with a group of scientists and Infinity soon joined him. Justin had a look of concern prompting her to ask what was on his mind. “The chrona wasn’t designed for such travel,” he answered. “Along with that, some components were destroyed in the Alternity blast.”

“What can we do?” asked Infinity.

“Some can be repaired, some will have to be rebuilt- but I have an idea,” said Justin. He put an arm around her shoulders and pointed away into a steep and distant valley, where a stand of tall trees were thriving. “If we can get some of those trees over here, we can build something more substantial for shelter and then we can do some light excavation for minerals and resources.”

“We don’t have that kind of manpower, unless you can get the ‘whoopers’ to cooperate,” she laughed. Her ‘whoopers,’ as she referred to them, were the Miocene hominids barely evolved away from bonobos and chimps.

“No, I was thinking something more like those guys over there,” he retorted. They were looking downslope at a group of large Mammoth splashing in swift rushing water at the end of an escarpment. She saw the look in Justin’s eye and knew she was in for something, and not sure she was going to like it.

By noon, the whole crew was gathered around a flat-top boulder, studying a drafting sheet being presented by Justin. Here’s where we can build a stronger and more weatherproof perimeter, and here we can build living quarters. Infinity, your abilities with primitive weapons makes you the logical choice for Mammoth rider.

“Mammoth what?” she bleated.

“You’re going to remain here at base camp, make inroads with the locals, and teach one or two of them to work with us. The gear is already being loaded back into the chrona, which has one good ride left in it. We’re going to move this operation five years into the future. That’s how much time you’ll have to get your Mammoth crew ready, and the most time I still trust this burned-out chrona to navigate. Knowing you, you’ll have them turned into a big hairy pack of overgrown puppy dogs when we return.”

“You’re going to return?” she asked.

“Well, no. More like, we’re going to set right back down here on this exact spot, five years into the future,” he said.

“So, I will age?” she asked, incredulously.

“You will age naturally. Five years. That’ll make you twenty-six. Not exactly over the hill.”

Infinity was livid. But she was an agent, and were it not for the fire in her eyes, you wouldn’t have known it. “Even if we do this Justin, how are you going to charge the chrona for the jump?”

“There’s still a residual charge in her already. All the Colonel has to do is close the connection between these posts and it’s off to the races. Is that right, Colonel?”

Colonel Jaspar nodded in agreement. “The chrona works on a similar principle as a surfer on a wave. The star power is still available for use in the distortion of a small field of space-time. The chrona can ride it. Think of skipping a rock across a lake.”

“And we’ll be back here with you and your flea circus before you know it, to start the work on building us a new and much improved chrona,” Justin told her.

“When that’s done, you will be sent on our first real mission,” said Colonel Jaspar.

“And what will that be?” asked Infinity.

“To reconnoiter the far future,” answered Justin Nicholas Thyme.

Joseph John Racano


Art: Daniel Eskridge

*You can find the original story of Chronopolis, it's here on Facebook

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A woman wouldn't be attacking a wooly mammoth and definitely not by herself.
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Indeed that would be suicide
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wow :D this is awesome! love the mist in it, and the mammoths look so real :D 
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Amazing scene!
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a truly epic sight :)
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Incredible work!!! Love it
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Amazing art! I really like woolly mammoths :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) 
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truly amazing work Daniel. Lovely as always
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