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Eagle Vs Cobra



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A bald eagle swoops out of the sky and strikes at a reddish brown cobra atop a large grey rock. With one talon, the bird grasps the snake's middle, while it uses the other to stave off the deadly fangs. Rays of the dawn sun strike the clouds to give them a brilliant edge and create an energetic background to the great raptor as it struggles with the venomous serpent. Behind the struggling creatures, giant pines and fir trees rise into the sky and create a dark backdrop as morning mists rise from the forest floor.

As the cobra and bald eagle inhabit different continents, this is not a very likely scenario, but I suppose one could come up with a story where such a fight might happen.  Originally, I had the eagle struggling with a rattlesnake, but I decided the that cobra with its hood open just looked better in the composition. So I used it instead.

I created this image using digital art techniques.  The Eagle and Cobra were posed in Poser, then exported to Vue where the rest of the scene was built.  Vue was used for the rendering.  Topaz Adjust was used for color enhancement and GIMP was used to fix errors and make minor adjustments.

Poser 10:
Cobra: comes with poser 10
Topaz Adjust:

Thanks for looking,
Daniel Eskridge
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