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Dolphin Rock

By deskridge
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Water sprays everywhere as dolphins jump high in the air over a woman in an orange dress standing on a large rock in the ocean.  One dolphin is just leaping out of the water, a second soars through the air above the woman, and a third plunges into the water with a great splash.  The woman, facing out to sea looks up at the playful aquatic mammals as her dress flutters in the gentle sea breeze.  A zigzag trail of rocks leads up to the larger stone upon which she stands.

This one is a bit of a follow up to another work I made several years ago called Whale Watcher (…). Like this artwork, it features a marine mammal breaching the surface of the water and jumping over a woman on the rocks.  In that one, though, I featured a humpback whale, but, for this work, I wanted something less grandiose and more playful, so I went with dolphins.

At first, I had the dolphins jumping in an arch that was parallel to the plain of the picture, but I wanted a bit more depth. So, I have
the dolphins jumping in an arch still, but now it's angled a bit more into the scene. 

The woman's dress was white in the first pass, but I decided to give it a color that drew the eye a bit more.  Pure red was too extreme, but hot orange, I though, worked quite well especially since it played well off of the cool blue of the sky beyond.     

Generally, for scenes where I have splashing water, I paint the splashes in during post production.  For this image, though, I actually used 3D models of splashes for the rendering in addition to painting in post.  

I gave it the title "Dolphin Rock" as the idea is that this is a special place were the dolphins are always at play and to where one could adventure to to experience them up close.

I created this image using a variety of digital art applications including 3D rendering and digital painting.

Thanks for looking!

P.S. For full resolution downloads and licensing information:…
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This piece has been nominated into Drako's Art Contest.

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This is pretty sweet.
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It is like a dream.
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Lovely! :D I love those rocks, too.  The splashes, and water in general looks so amazing!!

When I finally learn to rig my models, I'm going to try selling my more realistic dolphin and orca. I want to see them in others' art!
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Holy, exquisitely phenomenal! This Ethereal Coastal Oceanscape is stunning, and The Majestic Dolphins and Woman look incredible. The designs, poses, expressions, acrobatic circle, aerial jumps, dorsal fins, lower fins, upper fins, eyes, smiles, tails, water splashes, surface, ripples, waves, interaction, dress, hair, bun, large rock boulders, cliffs, crevices, sky, clouds, sunlight, rays, reflection, gleam, glow, shadows, wind, giddiness, cuteness, movement, flow, effects, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, hues, textures, composition, concept, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Think angling the arch for the added depth worked really well.  The original idea would have also been fantastic but I think this idea is better :)
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Outstanding work :wow: 
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A lovely piece of work ! Nod :) (Smile) 
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Amazing Work ! 
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Wow. This is amazing.
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This is really pretty! I love how so much space is used in a pretty way.

Your water and shading looks a little off, though. Do you use a mouse? 
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Goodbye and thaks for all the fish.
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