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Dodo Bird

This is the next work in my Dodo Bird art series. This one is going for a stroll through the misty jungle of isle of Mauritius, which was the only habitat of the dodos.

The brown feather coat so far is my favorite color scheme for the bird. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I don't really care. It looks good and my paleoart has always favored art over paleo.

The landscape is one that I've used in several artworks. Though I change it a bit every time. I just really like the way this tree looks with its thick roots.

The dodo was created in Blender 2.5. Everything else was done in Vue 9.
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My 7th grade students are studying extinction. Your Dodo pictures brought a respectful hush to the crowd and inspired a new level of empathy and understanding. Thank you.
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That brings a smile to my face!  Thanks!
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You made that dodo in Blender - wow!
Fantastic modelling.
I was hoping you'd bought it somewhere - I need one myself for a personal project.
Like your Vue work too.
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I'll be sharing my Dodo model pretty soon. (note: it's just a static obj, not rigged or anything). I've got one more Dodo image left in the series first though.
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Another great piece! I love your renderings, there so full of life!
I have been wondering, how do you manage to get the feathers to look so good. Are you modeling them or are they painted in Photoshop?
I am modeling a bird right now, but I am having issues creating believable feathers for it. Do you have any recommendations? :)
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I created UV and bump maps for my models in Blender. Then in GIMP, I used the clone tool to fill in the feathery areas using pictures of my neighbor's chickens as the source (hi res, taken on a cloudy day to give them even lighting).

Also, in post production, I fluffed up the outlines of the birds using a fur brush and the smudge tool (also done in Gimp).
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Thanks for the advice, I will sure try it! =D
I have never used GIMP so I guess I will have to find a bit more about it before I use it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, I highly appreciate it. ;)
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Never thought I'd see a Dodo look "majestic". The ground mist lends to the atmosphere quite nicely!
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Another beautiful dodo render. I absolutly love your renders, I can see strait away see it is made by you before looking at the name of the artist. :)
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I like the rendition of the setting and the bird. The composition and the look of the dodo makes it seem as though something might be about to happen.
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truly amazing work, :wow:
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Wow, I just read the electric monk by Douglas Adams for the fifth time. This could have been a picture from it.
people go back in time to see the last dodos.

Wonderful picture, makes me a little bit sad though.

really a great work.
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marvelous piece, love that tree!
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I love the quiet exploration of the island in the series :)
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Aw happy wee soul... beautiful tree and atmosphere. The feathers have a soft, smooth look and blends well with the surroundings.
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Wow, I love the texture you used for the dodo bird. Also great work on the modeling in Blender as well. The atmosphere looks great and the scene is set up wonderfully. All around great job on this :-)
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