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Daeodon, The Terrible Hog

This is not a bear, dog, or fantasy creature. It is a Daeodon, also known as Dinohyus, an ancient relative of the wild boar that lived in North America and went extinct about 18 million years ago.
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I thought that boar relative was Antelodont. 
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Entelodont was no one species, it was a whole family.  Daoedons were the largest genus in the Entelodont family.
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I saw it portrayed on one of those NOVA episodes.  Nothing I would have wanted to run into back then..
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"extinct about 18 million years ago". Proving that being pretty does not count for much. 
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Very nice image and posing and quality of light make it real! Cool looking creature. I have never seen this offered anywhere. It isn't a DinoRaul figure that I am aware of. Where can I find it?
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Seems to have a bug on the page though that shows the wrong images.
He looks like he would make a great house pet...NOT!! Let's just say, he would certainly make life really interesting if he were still around. I wonder if he came before or after the Inteledont- don't know if I spelled that correctly. At any rate, this is an awesome work! You certainly have a flair for ancient creatures. All I can say is Encore!
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It looks like a demon... Well done!
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that is creepy.....though, nature came up with some really "evil" looking things
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Whoa! Did you make that creature yourself? I'd love to get my hands on something like that.
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Thanks. Whilst I do sometimes make my own models, this guy is actually a rather old one from smith micro. You can get him for about 4 bucks here: [link] However, I did spend some time in Gimp with this one sprucing up his fur, so it's not the results you'd get from rendering alone.
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Ohhh! Where can I get one?
He looks snuggly.. in a semi-agressive sort of way.. He could keep burglars out of my house :)
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