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Three allosauruses kick up dust as they hunt along a rocky track created by the passage of large dinosaurs.  Deep green plants line the sides of the trail, while a conifer forest dominates the background. Overhead clouds drift through the blue prehistoric skies.

The allosaurus was a theropod dinosaur from the Jurrassic period. Some paleontologists theorize that Allosaurs were pack hunters, so I though it might be fun to depict a trio of the creatures on the hunt for this latest addition to my paleoart series.

Poser (for posing characters):
Daz (where to get characters, clothes, hair, and fur tools):
Vue (for building the scene and rendering):
GIMP (an open source alternative to Photoshop):

Thanks for looking!
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Spectacular lighting! I've always appreciated Allosaurs and you did a wonderful job with the markings.
Really well done dino artwork.  Thank you.  :)

So is this computer animated or something?
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It's made mostly the same way computer animation is (there is a bit of painting involved, too).  If your curious, I have a youtube channel on how I make this stuff:…
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These are the lions of the Jurassic.  The top predators of their age.  
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the allosaurus was always one of the most elegant dinosaurs. 
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Those guys must be pretty cold without any feathers to keep them warm.
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It's no problem, the Jurrasic was usually quite warm :)
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Cool pic :)

You made these in DAZ?
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Thanks!  They are Daz figures, but I posed them in Poser
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Sweet I'm starting to get Dinos in DAZ :)
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Allosauruses, Allosauri, Allosaurusesesezezezezez
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Very good work (-:
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That is amazing you are very talented I cant wait for more XXDD
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This is amazing, I love it! :)
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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Wow, very realistic. :clap: 
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