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A Storm of Mammoths

Winter is around the corner, and I wanted to make some art to get me in the mood. So for the latest in my paleoart series, I have Mammoths heralding the coming of the cold season. The first dusting of snow has fallen and a rabbit has ventured out to see what all the commotion is about.

Most animals have a collective noun that names a group of them. For instance, a group of crows is called a murder, a group of chickens is called a brood, cats...a clowder, geese...a gaggle, etc.. However, there doesn't appear to be a collective noun for mammoths. I guess being extinct deprives them of that. Well, I've decided that I like the word "storm" for a group of Mammoths, at least for this particular artwork.

This image uses purchased content. The mammoths and rabbit were posed in Poser then imported into Vue where I constructed the rest of the scene. Final rendering was done in Vue and took about 40 hours (not sure why it took so long for this one as I wasn’t doing anything tricky with atmospheres or lighting). I used Gimp for post production.
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Hope that rabbit dose not get squashed XD
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I really like the body of work you have in your gallery. As Americans, we don't have the kind of mythological traditions that European and other cultures can cast back to (but for bits Scots-Irish Folklore and the like to be found on your side of the continent). In terms of legendary matter, we have pioneers, cattlemen, and "cowboys and indians," of course (and some of your pieces in that vein remind me very much of Charles M Russell, but that just could be that the knotty pine room I slept in as a boy and young man at my grandfather's place was covered with his prints and, hence, it's a nostalgic and personal association). All that aside (including your fantasy work based on European material), what I think is really cool is how you have taken up the North American megafauna for the (paleo- and) neolithic period(s) and mixed it in with the rest to give it a kind of mythic quality. I've always been a student of ice age and glacial geology, but reading about its megafauna is a recent interest of mine (unless we count my reading in that area as a juvenile). The point to my long-winded comment here is that when I look at this portion of your work, it seems to grant North America its own mythic period of giants and dragons and I think that that's seriously cool.
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Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoy my work!
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Another amazing artwork from you. Sorry for spamming the Faves!
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Very awesome, though I certainly wouldn't want to get too close!
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THANK YOU deskridge... for adding "A Storm of Mammoths" to our NEW DAZimals Group :)
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Sooooo beautiful! You bring us closer to our distant past :D
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wow this is so good :D
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Now that looks fantastic.
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like this one ....grtz from the netherlands
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I'd say "Storm" is perfectly illustrating a group of Mammoths! (even though I never saw one nor will I ever see one:) )
And you did - like in all the pictures I saw so far from you - an amazing work to transfer your vision into a picture!
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Impresionante, muy bello
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Really wicked
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