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A Mammoth on Monument Hill

I've been meaning to do a mastodon paleo artwork, though this really started with a quick view I got of the head statues (moai) of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) while watching television one day. I liked the idea of the monumental stones lining a grassy hillside. So I decided to create a similar image. However, I wanted a more natural look, so I used standing stones.

The stones look like they were artificially placed, but weather on not that is the case is unclear. I got the idea that they may have, in fact, been purposefully placed, but rather than by a human, an animal, and the only such animal with the strength to do so would have to be huge. Hence, enter the woolly mammoth.


Mammoth is an older model by Smith Micro, available here:…

Poser (for posing characters):
Vue (for building the scene and rendering):
GIMP (an open source alternative to Photoshop):

All else if Vue 8 objects
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Great pic! Love your work man!
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Very realistic fur!
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I am really impressed with the fur. Looks really amazing.
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Awesome. Just... Awesome.
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Hey, can you make a picture of a Megaloceros, also known as an Irish Elk? Or perhaps a herd of horses? I would like that because I would like to see how they turn out because I love your art!
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In fact, I have a couple of Irish Elk works.  This one I liked so much that it was my profile pic for a time: .  This other one I didn't really care for the result as much, but I though it still good enough to publish:
Oooops... sorry ~ This is the actual link. The one below on the city of Arkaim is interesting too... But it was the Shiva Manasa Puja link that discusses the Vedic people of Siberia, the Vedrus [pr. Vedroose] [link] The mammoth hunters were actually a little further south, mainly around the Black Sea I believe... but we'll take some poetic license in this case : ) Arkaim is much more north, at the foot of the Ural Mountains in Western Siberia : ) Peace.
Hi. Everything about your painting is so perfect !! ~ the clouds, the cedar trees, the grass stalks, the seam of crystal in the rock... and obviously the amazingness of the woolly mammoth. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your vision and creativity with us. I love it so much that I now have new desktop background ; ) We've also referenced and shared it on my site : ) [link] I hope you enjoy the word and sound images on that page and something of the history... it might add some new layers of meaning for you : ) I hope so. Thank you so much ~ Bron
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This is wonderful! Did you paint his fur? If not, it rendered so well! Awesome image. I find these creatures very interesting. I like your story of how you think the rocks were placed by animals. There is so much that we just do not know about our world. Great work! :iconflowerthnxplz:
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Thanks! I used a uv mapped jpg to get the rough fur done on this first, then spent a few hours in post production fixing it up the way I wanted it using Gimp.
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Your welcome! It turned out wonderfully. Your animals all look so real. Great work! :iconjumpteddyplz:
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Outstanding render and composition!
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Really fantastic, I love the mammoth.
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