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Windows Seven M1 VS

VERSION 2.0: [link]

:windows: Hi friends!
:spotlight-right: DeskMundo Presents ... :spotlight-left:


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Baseado nas imagens deste link: [link] resolvi fazer um tema inspirado no Windows Seven Milestone 1. Segundo as imagens, vídeos e o review, o visual do Seven M1 será muito parecido com o do Vista. Apesar de ser o primeiro, este tema tem características proprias, como: 3 temas inclusos, e cada um com versões 32 e 42 px icons. Se você achou bonito baixe agora!

Como é meu primeiro tema, pode haver alguns bugs. Por isso reportem se acharem algum.

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Based on the images from this link: [link] I decided to make a theme based on Windows Seven Milestone 1. According to the pictures, videos and review, the look of Seven M1 will be very similar to the Vista. Despite being the first, this issue has characteristics such as: 3 themes included, and each with versions 32 and 42 px icons. If you felt pretty download now!

How is my first issue, there may be some bugs. So if they feel some relating.


:bulletgreen:The package contains besides the theme:

- Theme: :icondeskmundo:
- Shellstyle: :iconzotyo:
- Windows 7 Start Menu: :iconwindowsnet:

And more!


:bulletred: The theme is based on VistaVG Ultimate [link] made by :iconvishal-gupta:. Website: [link]


Thanks! ;)

:bulletred:Visit my web blog: [link]
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witchhunttress's avatar
vista for windows seven :D
eds-danny's avatar
this is not windows 7... Clearly Vista :))
is there any possibility of you adapting this VS for 120 DPI configurations? I'd love to use it in my laptop, but the tiny screen size forces me (and many other people, that's for sure!) using this DPI size. Thanks in advance!
Lance315's avatar
Is this for XP or Vista?
Shaya-Fury's avatar
Is there a English version of the vista start menu??
catalin-v's avatar
another vista theme, they are quite few nowadays on deviantart :) i lovee vistaaah! :|
Fishy-Fish's avatar
Actually, this is a Windows 7 theme. Not Windows Vista.
catalin-v's avatar
from my pov looks like:
1. vista basic
2. wannabe aero
3. a black colored wannabe aero
ain't too early for a windows 7 theme? i know the early builds looks like vista but come on now... i've seen lots of visual styles like this around here
Read the tittle:
It clearly states this is Windows 7 M1 VS theme, it was the original Windows 7 but it had problems like vista so they decided to not release it.
Fishy-Fish's avatar
Well, it's not too early for Windows 7 theme because, Windows 7 M1 hasn't been publically released, but some people have gotten hold of an evaluation copy...Anyway, if you're looking for a good Vista theme and you have WindowBlinds, look for a Windowblinds Aero theme.
billydeviant's avatar
1º tema?
começou muito bem!
acompanho os trabalhos do neto (sirbrasil)
certamente estarei de olho nos seus tmb.
deskmundo's avatar
Obrigado :D Eu sou amigo do Neto, e os trabalhos dele são impressionantes :)
billydeviant's avatar
valeu pelo:+devwatch:
bem que poderia ter uma comunidade de brasileiros.
gosto muito de temas e skins e sempre procuro por novidades.
ornis's avatar
very clean... thanks for sharing.
tikiliki's avatar
something tells your not so good at styler yet...
pankaj981's avatar
Some suggestion for your above VS if you take it seriously:

- Try to make a thinner shellstyle.dll
- Change the boring Vista-style styler skin with a new one as I did in my first M1 VS in this section.
- Try making the Aero VS titlebar-menu background a bit Visa-ish, a bit you have made for the basic and black version.

Look...the thing is I found your VS extremely well made and if you try to make the changes that I have will look a bit different...may be better...may be...

Anyways your VS is awesome!!
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Thanks for the suggestions. In version 2.0 I can put these changes, or the same 1.5.
pankaj981's avatar
Already made a new VS with the above changes [link]
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Natyvw's avatar
Ficou muito legal Márcio, parabéns. Mas eu acho que pra ficar legal teria que ter um wallpaper do Seven com uma cor azul.
deskmundo's avatar
Vou trazer alguns wallpapers na próxima versão 1.5 :D
bangboombang's avatar
Nice black Vista-VS
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