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The Asian Style Desktop

By deskmundo
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My new Desktop project, based in the asian style. Comments are welcome :D
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:)) Nice..

Thank .
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Was this ever released?
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it looks like a desktop, that can't make it mind up. "Am i windows, or am i mac? "

very nice and clean though. What is the skin?
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Plz send me a link to the wallpaper. Its very nice :)
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just judgin it by the look and saying Japan Style is considered racist. but good desktop, you should change it to "Asian Style Desktop" japanese people might find this very offensive.
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Yeah. Perhaps the use of Asian is a bit ethnocentric as well. Maybe we should go with "Inspired by an area of the Earth below Russian, above Australia and to the east of Europe."
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that would be too long, but yeah.
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Oh sorry, I swear I did not know, but I already modified.
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i'm not asian or anything, i'm Mexican, but just saying "mexican style desktop" might offend becouse people might thing it's Peru, Chile or Cuba. so just say "Hispanis Desktop" (not hispanic but just the race) so changing it to "Asian Style Desktop" was a good choice. making sure criticers don't do anything to harm.
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That makes no sense at all.

If the theme is based on Japan, with the wallpaper and the icons, it should be called "Japan Style".
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lol, but people might get offended couz china has stuff that japan has too, so ti's better asian
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By that point of view, it's better to call it "World Style Desktop" because I also have pine trees and bamboo at my door, and I live in Portugal! :D
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Very nice desk. Can you tell me where can i find that wallpaper? Thanks in advance. ;)
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