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:icondeskmodder-de:* presents you a publication from our user dmone (dmone9)

Original from dmone

included is:
explorer.exe (top and bottom) x32
explorerframe.dll x32

Systemfiles for x64 find your here [link]

Copy the beak7.theme and beak7 folder in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory. for the navigation buttons you have to replace your explorerframe.dll ind youre Windows\system32 directory

wall: [link]

*deskmodder has any permissions to present this work.

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*hide blur* link is missing
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Maybe you’re going to release this for Windows 8.1 too?
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No, sorry. dmone9 no longer working on theme and styles
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Aww... So sad Sad dummy 
this is a really awesome theme, but I'm getting this strange problem with windows explorer. the bar near the top with options like "new folder," "email," and "share with" flickers terribly when I mouse over it. I assume you designed it so that it autohides, but when I scroll over it, it only pops up properly when my mouse is at the right side of it. I can't click on the buttons themselves because of the flickering. any idea what causes this?
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Have you the shellstyle.dll from this theme?
It is not Autohide in the UIFile.
Autohide: <if mousefocused="false" mousewithin="false"><Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-28rp)"/></if>
In this theme is
<if mousefocused="false" mousewithin="false"><Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-40rp)"/></if>
I used the shellstyle.ddl, yes. I've checked all the files, and, as far as I can tell, they're all in the right place. I originally installed it with the theme manager, but again, I checked all the files and it seems to have installed properly. I'm stumped :/
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Thank a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
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having the same problem as the last guy. the whole pictures library is messed up, and it's the only reason I am not using this theme. if this ever gets fixed, it would be like my favoritest theme ever tho.
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You have Win 7 SP1?
I have test it on my pc without replace the explorer.exe - no problems.
someting is wrong ... i've got a problem when i open the Libraries folder (the one next to start button) and i move the cursor on top of window an menu appear with Organize and New Librari buttons , but i cannot click them continuing flashing .... pic (
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I do exactly what's written here, but I get this [link]
Each time.

I'm sad since this theme looks really nice.
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you have patched your system with Universal Theme Patcher? [link]
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How did you change the icons? Does it work with the theme? Because for me it does not. ;/
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You need a iconpack like this [link] or other.
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great theme! :D Thanks! I'm using it right now :)
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I'm glad that you like it
i really wanna do this along with other stuff but i really cant even figure it out :/
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