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How are you guys liking my experimental interactive art so far, per The Children We Raised? They're about to grow, so get ready!
The children we raised: Episode 1
''Dear reader,'' the note reads.
''For reasons I cannot explain, I am unable to have these whelps in my posession. I trust that whomever reads this letter will take them in, or find someone who will. Their fate is in your hands.''
At the bottom, in a different colored ink, is a hastily scribbled postscript:
''Avoid the public eye. Your life may depend on it. Best of luck, Martimer the Adventurer.'
    You look at the box the note was attached to. It's unexpectedly large, as if it contained a sofa or refridgerator at one time. You hear soft mewling from inside as the movement of your hands opening the box is detected. Inside are four balls of down, which cover the strange animals that are as large as a bear cub, but clearly are newborns. Their eyes are barely open, and their heads wobble unsteadily is they struggle to support themselves on their tiny, undeveloped limbs. With their swollen, colorful mouths, all four of the babies gape at you, and begin screaming for food like baby birds. They seem very cold and hungry, and so you take them inside.
    A moment later, all four of the screaming infants are lying in front of a warm fire, two in your lap and the others trying to squeeze in. Their claws are extremely sharp, and newborns though they are, they're incredibly strong. You hope they won't grow up into bloodthirsty monsters. You can see tiny sharp teeth buds in those wide open mouths. Their cries grow more and more insistant, and the lavender one begins to gnaw at your hands.
The lot of you gather in front of the fire with the animals and turn out your bags, working together to feed the crying whelps. Sweets, fruits, meats and also a bagel disappear quickly. Despite their underdeveloped teeth, they seem to have no difficulty in stuffing their fat little faces.
One by one, they begin to yawn, their wobbling heads sinking closer to the floor. It's apparent that they want to sleep.
Bundled off to sleep, with a guardian or alone, the babies pass out immediately. Upon waking, the monochrome and darkish one gaze up at the adventurers surrounding it, waiting for attention. The other two dash around the inn, the lavender tripping over itself with the sherbet colored pup in persuit. The lavender shrieks irritably as its sibling bowls it over and tugs on its ear. The babies are clearly in need of some guidance, their personalities rapidly developing before your eyes.
All throughout the day, the babies are having fun. Some more active than others.
The lavender whelp seems to greatly appreciate not having to touch the ground or walk, and eagerly takes in the sights and sounds of the world, avoiding some of the dirtier and smellier ones. Any attempts to put it down are thwarted by sharp claws.
    Equally innocuous, a day in with bacon and eggs after a bit of a wrestle is very satisfying for the darkly colored creature, and it stays very calm for the rest of the day.
With black and white, time is well spent, teaching the tiny cub proper manners and how to function in society. It seems to be a VERY fast learner and is surprisingly intelligent.

But, all is not completely perfect for the four foundlings. At the playground, many take notice of the strange creature. Some trundle their children and equally strange pets off, glancing nervously as they quickly exit the park, their children pulling on their parents' hands begging for just five more minutes with the 'big furby.' A woman's purple cat hisses and swells up like a puffer fish. The ducks take off from the pond honking their desperate horror to the sky. A goblin's pet parrot frantically transforms into a very fashionable hat before reconsidering, and deciding instead to become an inconspicuous fez.
     At the frozen yogurt venue, the whelp patiently waits in line, swaying back and forth to the faint elevator music playing in the shoppe. Normally, this background noise would be inaudible over the busy. excited chatter of the crowded outlet. You realize that, as at the park, a hush has fallen over the crowd and some seem very nervous. After your order is ready, an employee approaches you and asks you politely to remove your dragon from the venue. She offers you a grace period of ten minutes to leave before she files a report. Well it seems Martimer, whomever he is, failed to mention a few critical things, but he did say to avoid the public eye after all.

Once the fun is over and the sun starts to go down, the babies curl up in their favorite sleeping places and you all get together to discuss the day. Suddenly realizing you have no way of differentiating the babies other than by their color, it would be best if they had names. Unfortunate, their seeming lack of genitalia makes it difficult to discern any sex. What should you call them?

To participate, reply to my comments for each baby taking notice of the question. You can only comment for one of the babies each paragraph, but having the same answer as someone else is fine! If many comment, the first few commenter's suggestions will be used.
Ok SO!! After receiving feedback on the 'comment chain' style for The Children We Raised being too confusing, I've decided to take Ballentine's advice, and just add some 'reply here for ______' comments, and you can pick which baby you want to feed/participate with. Since the current replies are kind of a clusterfuck, I'm going to do my best to use them all.
I just posted a weird idea I had for an RP. I wanted to do growable adopts or something, but then I got the idea to force you guys all to do the creative work. Huehuehue. It's episodic, and kind of like a choose your own adventure where everyone gets a shot at making decisions that will decide how the babies look and act when they get a little older! Feedback is welcome. Participate here: The children we raised: Episode 1 by Deskleaves
We bought a dishwasher and a washing machine, the first time we ever have. It's the reason I've been able to work on art so much lately. 90% of all my spoons got freed up.
We bought a dishwasher and a washing machine, the first time we ever have. It's the reason I've been able to work on art so much lately. 90% of all my spoons got freed up.


Gribby Bullock
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I grew up in Alaska, spent most of my young adulthood and teenage years wild and free in the streets and woods of California, and ultimately settled down in Finland. I have college background in multimedia arts and technology from the SOMA art institute.

I'm learning Finnish by 1stClassStamps You Can Talk To Me Stamp by HazelAlmonds Heart Rats Stamp by Viergacht PC Gamer by aphaits Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp - Every Great Artist by KamuySinen Respect for Spiders Stamp. by VampsStock Gender Nuetral LB by Kia-Bird Lil Badge - Zodiac .:Cancer:. by Kohaku0827 Slytherin-Badge by Dinoclaws LB - United States by Nironan12 Open Mind Lil Badge by NuciComs LB - Photoshop by Nironan12 LB - Adobe Flash by Nironan12 Yaoi+shonen-ai support stamp by luperus


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