------COLOR ME CHAOTIC!------ Week 1 March 16th

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:iconcolormechaotic: was founded by :icondesiree-amber-moore: very recently and is showing promise.  These are the submissions from week 1 and from here on out, the group will have regular weekly News Features so make sure to keep a watch out for these wonderful, colorful, amazing artists.  

Join the new group!  If you like energetic, charismatic, exciting, electric, and colorful art, this is the group for you!  The group is young and will thrive!

Show these following deviants some love, Fave the Article to help these deviants and take a look at their work. Thank you! :)


Technicolor by desiree-amber-moore .Everything and Nothing. by Martina-G :thumb150640809: Eye Candy by SaraSchool Wall-E and Eve by kristee72 Illustrated kriture stickers by Darkween :thumb45397029: :thumb145998367: summer kiss by EFENEL :thumb93917520: Ole Ken a by eyepilot13 :thumb148947124: The Fruit of Insane Gods by Vasilisa-Uzhasnaja A New Beginning by Lua-Abyssa After the storm by Mishelangello :thumb150139277: .In un giorno di pioggia. by Martina-G :thumb145882706: untitled5 by onemorehour :thumb125760629: Humming Thoughts by IreneShpak Zagorje sarene by ODELAYed :thumb149098937: Keep it Together by ArtByASmith :thumb156875050: :thumb124332938: Flower by desiree-amber-moore Rainbow Music by desiree-amber-moore


:thumb142768956: :thumb156568865: Sunroad by ODELAYed Cyber 01 by chibi-banane
On the Canal IV by eyepilot13 slide down a rainbow. by imnotsana Thinking of you by ODELAYed mike 'n' gum by MusicIsTheLife


ColorsYou break my heart all over again.
Each word you say, hurts me some more.
If you ever left my life, i'd be thrown over the edge.
Inside, I'm left with nothing but red.
Colors describe who I am.
Black, for being incredibly sad.
Blue, for not knowing who I am.
Brown, for being a bit confused.
Purple, for being a bit hated.
Pink, for that one time I found love.
Red, for the blood that's spilled about.
Orange, for trying to move on.
Yellow, for seeing the sunlight.
Grey, for that sunlight going away.
Green, for the money trying to purchase my happiness again.
The worst pain I've ever felt,
was when the monochrome grey came about.
Constant refueling who I am inside.
Making me torn to shreds.
This injustice that was caused to my heart.
My rainbow was taken away right from the start.
ColoursRed Knows Me-
Not The Red Of A Valentines Rose,
But The Dark, Blood Red Of Pain, Hatred, Anger And Danger
Blue Knows Me-
Not The Blue Of A Summers Day Sky,
But The Blue Of Tears Pooling Up In Your Eyes
Green Knows Me-
Not The Green Of New Shoots Pushing Thir Way Through The Ground
But The Green Of Dieing Plants about To Crumble Into Dust


let's have some fun by stars-shinebright Miss Joker by Tohad :thumb128653462: :thumb156564973: :thumb120006771: :thumb156712619: :thumb109737323: Big Bad Wolf - Colors by nahp75 Heliose Eclipse fanart by darkn2ght Rose Colors by nahp75 Kriture Wallpaper by Darkween Poster for art-punk party by cirrus-art Rainbow Love by kristee72 color me chaotic by sammystars1994 :thumb157308139:

Please show support to these colorful artists by faving this news article.  I only hope that as this group goes on, more talent is found and this group can become what I envision it to be. :)

:icondesiree-amber-moore:Desiree Hewitt
© 2010 - 2021 desiree-amber-moore
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ooh how colorful :iconimhighplz:

and thank you! :heart:
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:iconomgsocuteplz: Beautiful colections! :icondragonshy2: thank you !
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thanks for showing my work ^_^
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Thank you for showing my work^^
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Thank you to share my work... :thumbsup: Nice idea to do this news. ;p
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Thanks very much :)
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Aw my gawd thank you! :D
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Great feature, thanks!
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Thank you so much for the feature!
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Thanks a lot :D! Article faved :)
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Awesome! And thanks Armando :glomp:
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Thankyou for featuring two of my works :glomp::heart: It is very appreciated :blowkiss: Great collection!
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