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HD Com-Lilith Morvia

Hi everyone!

This piece was asked for :iconshodukari:

Is his OC Lilith, he is the full creator of this character as visual as psycology.

This is actually the second time I work with both, the first time was in a offer of commissions.

This was the first pic:

The client liked the first pic, so he asked me for an HD commission with corrections from the first one and this is the final pic.

I like a lot the result of this image and hope work more in the ideas you have.

So this is as well the answer to the question, what are the differences betwen an Offer commission and a HD commission?

In the regular commissions the client have full control of the pic, pose, if have weapons or not, and higher the quality higher the control of the client on it, like material of the close and weapons and details of the pic.

In HD commissions the client have until 3 revisions.

I like to work in all my commissions,so this is only to observe the differences in offer and regular commissions

By the way I have a "surprise" for the next Offer!!! ;)

And if you have doubts, please feel free to ask.



"If you want a similar piece, check here: [link] "

"If you don't like what you see, just close the window"
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:0 You've done a really great job with a early 90's anime style here. Reminds me of Ninja Scroll.
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Thank you!
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A full body from DHV? Count me in :3
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hey nice drawing i love her position and the detail in the sword and her cloth are pretty amazing ^^
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I still can't get over how well you managed to capture her appearance so perfectly! She's hanging up on my wall with the rest of my girls and she totally dominates the scene!
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Thank to you for ask her!
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I think this is your best yet. Nice job!
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You're very welcome. :)
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Looks an intresting oc
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