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The Fountain Garden

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This is not stock. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify, upload or sell my work without my expressed permission.

This is my entry for the Use my stock #4 - Challenge  by :iconwesley-souza:


:iconwesley-souza:Gold Star Sticker Icon Gold trophy  Congratulations you are one of the winners of Use my stock #4 Challenge Gold trophy  Gold Star Sticker Icon 


A big THANK YOU to all of the stock providers! Love 
(If any of you would like a hi res copy of the artwork, send me a message)

Fountain (required stock) - Wesley-Souza
Fountain base - Jean52
Koi fish - davsimon-stock
Koi fish - davsimon-stock
Koi fish - Alegion-stock

House - fuguestock
Stone steps - AledJonesDigitalArt
Garden wall - Eirian-stock

Tree and field - Burtn
Evergreens by house - BrokenWing3dStock
Potted Petunias, head of stairs - BrokenWing3dStock
Potted Petunias, head of stairs - BrokenWing3dStock
Flowering tree - Jean52
Red vine flowers - BrokenWing3dStock
Purple vine flowers - KymsCave-Stock
Pink and yellow flowering vine - Sammykaye1sStamps
Daisies - pink & yellow - MaureenOlder
Daisies- blue - MaureenOlder
Big green leafed plants - kuschelirmel-stock
Irisises - MaureenOlder
Flamingo flowers - kuschelirmel-stock
Plants around fountain - MaureenOlder
Bush - YBsilon-Stock
Pansies - light - YBsilon-Stock
Pansies - dark - YBsilon-Stock

Peacock - LG-Design
Cats playing - IvaxXx
Kitten watching butterflies - margarita-morrigan
Butterflies - Roy3D
Squirrel - TinaLouiseUk
Hummingbird - DoloresMinette
Cat crouching at fountain - IvaxXx
Bird on top of fountain - TinaLouiseUk
Bird edge of fountain - Dalidas-Art
Borzoi - white - fallen-cherubim
Borzoi - black and white - SRS-Photography
Bird on branch - Dalidas-Art

Paper overlay texture - Insan-Stock
Used Photoshop built in filters also
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Wesley-Souza's avatar
Gold Star Sticker Icon Gold trophy  Congratulations you are one of the winners of Use my stock #4 Challenge Gold trophy  Gold Star Sticker Icon 
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning friend, Wonderful!!!!!!.
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G'morning back atchya! Thank you very much!!! :) (Smile) 
bluewingfairy's avatar
You're very welcome!!!!❤️😊, how are you?.

DesignStash's avatar
Very well, thank you
bluewingfairy's avatar
You're very welcome❤️😊Hug, Good:aww:.
AnimeCitizen's avatar
I think I've seen this in a dream once
DesignStash's avatar
I wonder if I had the same dream? Daisy sleeping 
browntoya's avatar
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running-to-hell's avatar
Lovely scene!!  
DesignStash's avatar
Thank you Roman! Love 
SCAPAD2019's avatar
I love the dogs and the fountain
DesignStash's avatar
Wesley-Souza's avatar
wow lovely scene :wow: :love: very beautiful details :love: I loved the animals ... very charming work :love: :heart:
DesignStash's avatar
Thank you so much! Love What a great compliment Heart Hug  
Jean52's avatar
So lovely!! Thanks for using my stock Hug 
DesignStash's avatar
Thank you Jean! I'm always glad to sift through your stock in hopes of finding something to use. Love Huggle! 
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Oh how cute! It's like spot the critter...I see 14? oh wait no 15 lol....Thank you for the stock use dear :) x
DesignStash's avatar
Thank you! Huggle!  YES! CURSE YOU! That was one of the goals with this piece. I wanted people looking for the critters. I ran out of steam, though. I had planned on placing more and a better variety interacting. Maybe next time. 
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
I enjoyed it! Make it harder next time, good fun x
DesignStash's avatar
:thinking:  Me thinks that would be a good contest theme. Ohlala ~ a lady-wink! 
Branka-Artz's avatar
Beautiful work. Good luck :hug:
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