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Setting The Beacon

My entry for   :iconthe-imaginarium:   June AMA 12 Challenge - Lost In Space theme
Stocks used:

Female Model - Death Bird - 4 by mjranum-stock
Female Model arm/shoulder - Death Bird - 14 by mjranum-stock
Boots on woman - REQ24_Boots by jademacalla
Male Model - Warbird - C - 3 by mjranum-stock
Helmets - bubble stockby meganjoy
Helmet hoses - Black Hose 3by Dracoart-Stock
Beacon - Metallic Cylinder Hone Tool by FantasyStock
Beacon energy rings - Hursty Swirl and Ring brushes by hursty-LG
Pilar rocks - Badland 38by coolzero2a 
Wall rocks - Badland 23by coolzero2a
Wall rocks - Badland 21by coolzero2a
Ground landscape -
Backpack on woman - pixabay
Backpack on man -pixabay
Air tanks - pixabay
Science/tech case man - pixabay
Science/tech case woman - pixabay
Spaceship thrusters - pixabay
Spaceship body ring - pixabay
Spaceship bottom - pixabay
Sky/galaxy background - pixabay
Planets created by me using this texture - pixabay

Thanks to all of the stock providers! 
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Beautiful work and story about the beacon!!
Creative use of the bubble like helmet and the photographers stuff like astronaut backpack! Nod 
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Thank you!! :) (Smile) 

I was originally trying to work on a piece that gave that old retro space novel/movie poster style, but fell into another route. Like this. But I just couldn't part with the bubble helmets when I did.

Oddly enough, in the end I was still inspired by an old sci fi cover. This.
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haha the green slime! The astronauts with aquarium on head were really sci-fi!!
and it is always a funny actual idea to be used!
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Gold Star Sticker Icon  Congratulations you are the winner of AMA 12  Gold Star Sticker Icon 
AMA ( Amazing Manipulation Award ) by AMApoints
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great work!!!
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This is quite gorgeous.. omg.. a feast for the eyes and the colors!!!! Stunning work darling!!!!
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Thank you so much sweetie!!!! Love Huggle! 
Now you know why I was asking you image questions. wink 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Yesh, tee hee I saw that and it's perfect for it... I stole one of your stock ideas... cuz I need a backpack, lol!
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Go for it! I wanna see when you finish :happybounce: 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
I hope I can even get it done on time... Yikes!!!
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Very nice work as always.
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WOW Amazing scenery :wow: I love the concept, great details :clap: :love:
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:bow:2 rvmp Thank you so much for the compliment!! Love  
I almost didn't finish this piece. After I had maniped the astronauts, I couldn't get any background ideas to work with them. A couple days away from it seemed to help. I think I had been trying too hard. :giggle: 
Wesley-Souza's avatar
the result is excellent :clap: welcome  :) 
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