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November 13, 2006
Absoutely genius. I really couldn't ignore featuring this for whatever reason because it's rarely one come across exceptional packaging design. And Frusion by ~designslave is just that. Design speaks for itself, I have nothing else to say, just love it.
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Packaging series for apples, oranges and pears for children, particularly boys. :) I didn't finish the pear one though.. the first one took 2 hours or more to construct because I had to figure out how to do it and sometimes the cover wouldn't fit! x_x The second one was a lot faster to make since I already worked the measurements out. :D

Made from Starbucks' frappucino covers, cardboard, mounting board and foam board. :XD: Space invaders pattern from "Space invaders" font.
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what kind of Font did you use in the logo "FRUSION"? Please...
muylion's avatar
very nice work
Adinad4's avatar
....OMG!! This is bloody brilliant!! :squee: I'd buy it in a jiffy!! (Shut up and take my money)
Penear's avatar
Possibly these will get children to eat more fruit and it is cute I agree, yet with so much material for one piece of fruit that is already in its own biodegradable packaging (skin), I'm curious to know if the materials you could use can reflect the nature of the contents itself more?
DiegoPrado's avatar
el concepto me encanta. muy buen trabajo. saludos
Walter164's avatar
I love this! Do you have instructions on how to make something like this?
sivASlan's avatar
I'm very late... but this is cute XD I luv this XD
slashmy-soul's avatar
wow, how did you get the foam board to bend nice and smoothly? Very neat! Good job~
designslave's avatar
Only used the foam board on the 'legs' so there wasn't any bending involved :)
Radiant-Cool's avatar
I want one soo much
Placidus-Sinistra's avatar
That's the best idea!
Lussuria's avatar
OMG I would never stop buying fruit if they came in these.

0-dot-0's avatar
this is an ingeniously cute & adorable idea!!!
tofu-kun-forever's avatar
hehehehe! fruit rocks! vegetables suck!
i wish i had one of these lil' boxies... *hint hint*
designslave's avatar
i like both :aww: heehee
DumblyDoor's avatar
Did you just "take" a lid when you went and watched a movie for your ICEE and accidentally took too many? xD Same thing with the Coffee Pockets? xD
designslave's avatar
I went to 7-11 and got the Slurpee lids for this project :P What coffee pockets?
DumblyDoor's avatar
lol.... NICE.

The coffee pockets, as in, the things you called in your des. "Starbucks Frapp cup thingies" xD
designslave's avatar
ohh yes I resorted to getting those covers after all the 7-11s I visited ran out. LOL
DumblyDoor's avatar
LOL... try the movie theater next time. Some of them have Starbuck's AND ICEE lids... xD
designslave's avatar
Being the typical uni student I was finishing it the night before so I was quite desperate (and lack of monies to go to the movies!!) XD :XD: it's so funny looking back at that time :P
DumblyDoor's avatar
LOL... are you still doing those so called "uni" classes?
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