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Healthy appetizers

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This looks so tasty, those blueberries are gorgeous.

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I literally ony see one problem with your works and it's the shadows. You spend so much time on creating such beautiful displays but yet you slack on the shadows when your composition is complete. I know you know what i mean because i can tell from experience myself that you want to rush a bit once the piece is complete. So my only critique is, put as much effort in studying how shadows present themselves under the same light conditions. :) Other than that, your work is fantastic and defenitely deserves a watch. :)
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You have no idea how well you know me... :)) I was reading this and thinking 'This can only come from someone who went through the same thing'. So when further reading your comment... Yeah, I will try to keep my interest high even with the shadows... But in some cases, I have to say that I do pay more attention and I still get similarly sh***y results. I need to find some tutorials on this.
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When I do shadows of objects or beings, especially on flat backgrounds, i tend to imagine that the room is big and the light-source is soft. That way you don't need strong shadows that you presents themselves like the shadows in your piece here.

Example of fast applied shadows :P :

Like Super Super Sad Fox Logo by AerapixDesign

Example of shadows with mind put into the composition and no stress :P :
Iris Wallpaper 1920x1080 by AerapixDesign Brand / Corporate Presentation by AerapixDesign  Cheetah bottom left*
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Ooooh... I see what you mean! Thank you for the references!
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So well done . Is just beautiful >.<
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Looks delicious!
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Yes, and very strange in terms of taste... in a good way, of course. :)
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I want this on my wall. A print of course! Not actual food smeared on my wall. It's very pretty and calming.
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:)) The image of blueberry jam and cheese on the wall... and a slice of toast slowly peeling off. That image made me laugh, thanks for the idea. :) I will see, maybe over this weekend, I will have time to put it up on Redbubble and Society6. It is far easier than printing and shipping things myself. :)
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Do you use the print service available here on DeviantArt? I'd love to hear another's perspective on it, as I was excited to see they offer that so simply right here for us. I have never sold a print, but I'd like to change that in the  next few years. :)
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I enabled it for some drawings, but nothing ever happened with regards to that. I am not even sure how we get paid if someone buys a print. I recommend trying Redbubble and Society6, where you might actually stand a chance of selling something, and the variety of products is astonishing.
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That's great information. Thanks for letting me know your opinions on the process. I will look for you on there :)
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Awww, thank you!
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No way that's healthy.
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My my, what beautiful colors you have in this piece. My favorite has the be the purple color in this, it's just so shiny and bright. You can almost taste the flavor in the berries. If a picture can really make me FEEL a certain way, then I consider it a job well done. Consider me yet another watch, you have my attention in your grasp. I am excited to see what holds in the future, you're on the right track.

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Oh, those are very kind words. Thank you for taking the time to post this comment, it is really encouraging to get this kind of reaction. I hope you won't be disappointed by my future posts. :)
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