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Name: Katsuki
Biological Sex: Male
Type: Imp
Creation: Purchased
Hatch Location: Wynsiph

THE BOY LIVES FINALLY! He is not the most friendly of wynglings. Since he has hatched, he has been told that his is something amazing. He is rare, and when he gets big, everyone thinks he will do amazing things. As such, he is not particularly interested in making friends. He sees himself superior to almost everyone, and will be happy to let you know that he's better than you. When pushed, he will get very angry, very quickly. He's not afraid to lash out, and even hurt someone if they get in his way. 

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i m p

he's beauty, he's grace
he'll bite off your face
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faces taste yummy. he also eats the souls of the innocent
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is he open to interactions?
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He is but I just ask that he is kept in character. He has some art that will be coming soon, along with I wrote a little description here on his app. 
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Ok, don’t worry I will keep true to it.
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Woo a new Imp! Great name too, I like him already
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IT'S THE ANGER BOY!! I love him. Perfection. Absolutely perfect.
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He’s such a buttface and I love him 
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Katsuki bakugou?
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I love this boy so much 
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He’s definitely got a sting to him xD
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I love him and will fight for him 
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Sorry I’m so dead and slow. >~< 

he looks great! Bumblebee boy
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I shall never forgive you :heart:
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He’s here!! I can’t wait to draw this cutie ; w ;;
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