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Re-Degetized Windows 7 Theme

Hi guy's, the wait is over, it is finally here, ready too launch, and ready too go!

Proudly presenting
Theme for Windows 7

Animated cursors
Animated Startbutton
Re-Degetized Sounds
Different active and inactive windows
Clock style (found in the PNGFILE folder)
Logon-screen included
Two Wallpapers included

And lots and lost of more goodies

I wanna thank some people for helping me get this theme done and ready for launch, if it have not been for them this theme would take a lot more time i think.
First of, id like too give a special thanks too my dear friend that allways helps me out, Gor19781.
Wanna give a special thanks too Toadyshadow101 for trying too give my theme a bug breakdown (only found 2 bugs)
And a special thanks go out too all the peeps that helped me out with different things and stuff so i could get this one done.

--------------------HOW TO ADD THE THEME---------------------

Have you patched you system for allowing custom themes? if not you will have to do that
I would use Universal Theme Patcher, it works great and it's free too use.
If you are running a 64-bit operating system, you need too patch your system 2 times, one time for 32-bit and one time for 64-bit, you need too patch 5 files in total.

This theme also requires you to have Theme Resource Changer installed and running.
But if you dont have this, you can read more about TRC here: [link]

Too add the theme, you just need to unzip the pack, and add the Re-degetized folder and the Re.degetized.theme file too: C:WindowsResourcesThemes

Then you can go too your desktop and right-click and choose Personalize and you will find it with the other themes you have installed in your OS.
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i add this.but start and taskbar not changeed.

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Did you follow the instructions?

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Thank you so much:hug:

"Couldn't download due to server error" pls.. help😂😁

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Okai, well, i am sorry i can't do anything about that, thats up to Deviantart to fix :(

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Downloading just fine for me btw :)

it will not download for me .Just some video downloads

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Thats weard, works for everyone ells ;)

It work, thank u so much

goood theme, very thank's

why i cant change the wallpaper after i change the theme? pls help me

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You can change the wallpaper by right clicking another image, and select set as desktop background ;)

I Absolutely love it! <3

One thing though, I can't replace my logonscreen, and it says that it can only work within 250k or less than. So.......Big deal :<

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This is my favorite windows 7 theme of all time, i just disable the sound cause i like no sound on windows. i noticed thats one of the most inspired themes ever.

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