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Gamer's Interface Logonscreen-Pack by Designfjotte

Here is a logonscreen i've made, i love game graphics and making logonscreens, so i made a pack with some different backgrounds.

creds go out too the original artist of the background i used for this :)
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These are pretty amazing,well done Remie,thanks :)
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thank you, 
I am a newbie...:)) how can i use it? when i download it there are just the screens
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No problem, i'll help you out, just search for windows 7 logonscreen editor here on DA, and you will finde the program :)
I solved it yesterday and forgot to delete the comment :)). Thanks though! :) and btw AWESOOOME!!! work ;) Keep it going.I'm waiting for more ;)
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Looks great! Just hope the image quality will be PERFECT on my 1366x768 screen resolution.
Keep it up.
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simply amazing !!!!
I'm kind of surprised no one has commented that almost every Logon Screen you have produced is over the inherent filesize limit imposed on to background images being used for the logon process, or have all of you discovered some way around having to resize all of these images?
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What kind of logon-editor do you use? and i really dont see the problem, its just too let the editor resize it for you.
That's what I'm saying? Why design a logon screen when any editor you use has to re-size it anyway? I'm not criticizing I'm just curious I guess. I use tweak's logon editor and it re-sizes it and it works fine.
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omg, i dont see the problem here.. but sorry if you feel i have done something wrong...
I do love your work by the way lol don't get the wrong impression I was just curious because I tried just replacing it without the logon editor first by just replacing the stock OEM image but it doesn't work because it's too big so I found out I had to use a logon editor.
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That looks awesome mate love the wall
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thank you so much :) awsome that you like it :D
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Very nice my boddy like
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Wicked, going to use it now
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awsome bud :D enjoy :)
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Just spectacular! Thank you!
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Thank you so much man :) glad you like it :)
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fantastic great pack :)
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