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C o m m u n i t y  O f  U n k n o w n  C r e a t i v e  H u m a n s

The idea of this contest is to design a CSS Journal for designersCOUCH. dC is a club with over 300 designers as member so we will not tell you how to design a CSS journal, many of you should know the basic rules so be creative. For those who don't know what we'd want to see here's some tips:
1. Great Contrast
2. Excellent colours shemes
3. Easy to use Navigation bar
4. Sub-topics differentiation
5. Readable font size.

Do all that and couple it with your creativity, you'll have a winning design.

First Place -  12mths Subscription + Print (worth $25)
Second Place - 6mths Subscription
Third Place - 3mths Subscription

duhcoolies MaskedMarvel depthskins

1. Does the design has to be coded?
No. We'll take care of that once a design is chosen.

2. Where do we submit?
This contest is in affiliation with duhcoolies' contest so submission here OR there is fine with us. Just be SURE you labelled it correctly which is "dC Journal Contest".

3. Which category do we submit the entries to?
Submit all your entries into the deviantART Related -> Journal CSS category

4. Do we get to make more than one journal designs? (I know the community hosted one has a cap of two- I don't know if that carries over to here, as well).
You can submit as many as 3 designs.

5. Do we have to be not subscribed like duhcoolies thing?
This contest is open to subscribed and non subscribed deviants.

6. Will all the top 3 entries be used?
It's possible, depends on how much we like them. We'll probably use them to differentiate a specific journal.

7. When does the contest end?
Contest ends: Oct 31st, 2006

Kind regards,
designers'COUCH Administration



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when start new round ?
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mistercreevyProfessional Photographer
when do we get our prizes?
designerscouch's avatar
Once the journal design goes up. Pleae wait patiently till then
mistercreevy's avatar
mistercreevyProfessional Photographer
whens then?
designerscouch's avatar
we'll be getting that done along with the winning website design announcement which will be announced during the course of the week
mistercreevy's avatar
mistercreevyProfessional Photographer
:) thank you for the reply.
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How do we submit entries?
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either send =duhcoolies or us a note titled "dC Journal Contest" with a link to your design :)
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vozzzProfessional Filmographer
i read somehwere that you can submit the same entry to the dyhcoolies entry to. is this true? Coz i got a ~cinema4d community and it badly needs a sub :P and with css it would look cool i think.


I am so liking this design business :dance:
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You cannot submit the same design since =duhcoolies' contest holds the purpose of getting the winner's journal coded with their design and *designerscouch holds the purpose of coding its own journal with a winning design :)
The point that was mentioned is that you can submit the entries for this contest to =duhcoolies too 'coz he will collect them and hand it over to us
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vincentvcStudent Digital Artist
Okay, I want to do that but, eumh, how big does the design have to be?
Thank you...
designerscouch's avatar
width at 500px and height is ur choice
vincentvc's avatar
vincentvcStudent Digital Artist
xdreamer's avatar
Oh yeah would be good to know :=)
nelchee's avatar
nelcheeProfessional General Artist
when's the deadline?
designerscouch's avatar
awesome, it ends Oct 31st
xdreamer's avatar
Thanks, almost finished the first :=) Hopefully I find time for another one :)
miksago's avatar
I've Got an idea... but i cant work on it (apart from the sketch) until next weekend at max.

On the better side, i'll help code the winning design if you want. :)
designerscouch's avatar
we'll let u know on that :)
miksago's avatar
okay, cool... at least i made sense here :giggle:
kakkr's avatar
kakkr Interface Designer
pretty good idea dude.
duhcoolies's avatar
duhcooliesProfessional General Artist
so it's not a brilliant idea then? :P
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