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Hello, dear members. Here's another update and an important one to all of you. We're providing some information below for you, guys and gals, to know what exactly dC does when it comes to accepting quality designs into its gallery. So with that said, here's our update on Quality Control @ dC. Please always refer to this journal if you want to clarify Quality Control related doubts or contact us by sending a note or get ahold of a dC admin on our dAmn channel, #designerscouch

:star: QUALITY CONTROL (QC) :star:

designersCOUCH is serious when it comes to quality in deviations submitted to its gallery. So to get this sorted out, designersCOUCH filters the submissions that come in each day so that as to keep clean, professional, and fun designs in the gallery rather than some random doodles. So we post this nice little tutorial/guideline just to show you what you need to know before you submit anything to us.

Some may argue as to why this is in place. We can tell you that this is for the betterment of not just for designersCOUCH but mainly also for you, our members. Quality Control (QC) will make you design something really unique and nice; it gives that extra push to make things look good. A random doodle is not hard work put in, while a quality design is hard work and that's what designersCOUCH looks for; those quality designs so as to give them exposure. QC will make you go that extra mile into making a design look great.

If you say you're a designer in learning (or a newbie) and are not able to design according to QC standards, let us tell you the QC is a learning curve. Every designer who designs a layout goes that step to make a design look good, so it is up to you, n00bs, to learn what the industry is looking for when it comes to designs, what standards are set in the design field, etc. QC will equip you to be a better designer. Yes, it will take you time but it is time well spent to get out a great design. This will improve your design skills.

There're some requirements needed when it comes to designing that must be followed in order to submit your design to designersCOUCH.
- Logo (either a typeface or a logo symbol)
- Navigation / Menu system
- Content (such as pictures, text, etc)
- Footer (either another menu system, copyright text, etc)

Some common problems for QC in designs we get are problems like the following;

- Instead of using dummy text from dummy text generators like www.lipsum.com some designs have text going in this fashion "TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT…….". There is no real point to a design when stuff like this happens because it just throws away an entire design for a viewer/client. We have got real good designs which have this problem and eventually get rejected 'coz of it. But of course this can be changed if you resubmit your design by implementing better standards to content text by using dummy text generators, etc.

- Thumbs…. In some designs when thumb designs are used as part of the design, the same thumb design is duplicated over and over which once again ruins the design. This can be overcome by using variations in thumb design. Like instead of using the same picture as a thumbs and supplicating it all over the design, try and get several other different pictures and make it look varied.

- Blank spacing is often left in designs in the content area. Designs have to be filled in with content such as text or pictures. Some designs are submitted with the top half looking great while the bottom is completely left blank.

Below you can see what a good QC design is and what is not. We hope by looking at these images you will be able to get a better understanding as to what designersCOUCH will be looking for from you, our members, when submitting your deviations to us.

Note: The images below are just examples and does not necessarily mean you have to design your layouts in that manner/structure

Quality Control: How a web design should and should not look

The same guidelines apply to deviations pertaining to the Advertising gallery and the Logo & Logotype gallery.

Logos cannot just consist of just a font/typeface; there has to be some form of variation to distinguish it from the typeface used and that is what a logo should be.
Advertisements, on the other hand, have to show emphasis and priority on the subject/product that is being advertised and also have to have a good structured design.. Below are two examples which we hope would clarify your doubts as to what is a good logo design and what is a good advertisement and what is not.

Note: The images below are just examples and does not necessarily mean you have to design them in that manner/structure

Quality Control: How a logos and adverts should and should not look

So the next time you submit something to designersCOUCH, make sure your design is not a random doodle. If you need any information or more help or would like to suggest something for this QC tutorial, please either note us or comment below.

These guidelines or this journal are subject to change and may change without any prior notice to members.

Also note that this is just a rough idea of the Quality Control process and that certain aspects of judging a submitted deviation for QC are looked upon by the admins themselves.

Kind regards,
designers'COUCH Administration



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