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'Kilrathi' font resources

"Kilrathi" font resources
2 hours

Click Download for an .rar containing:
- the .png font ref sheet
- all viable characters (0-9, a-z) in .png
- Original font, "Kilrathi" by Mike H. Lee

Welcome to the Companion resources for "Kilrathi Font Reference Sheet"

Use this as a reference for study, etc. As this is a charityware screen font (not a vector image font), just the layout and its template components are under copyright.

Made with:

- Adobe Illustrator CS2
- Mike H. Lee's scriptographic study & rendering: "Kilrathi" font seen in "Wing Commander" movie, 1999
- freeware dl @ Tommy of Escondino's Alien Fonts , a great collection. Includes Babylon 5, Star Wars, Stargate & Dune.

Mike H. Lee's Kilrathi true type font: This Kilrathi font comes from 1999 Movie: Wing Commander. The Canon letters are (A thru P), the rest of the font was invented by Mike. Kilrathi is an Ideographic language - the letters stand for a word or Idea. The little squares and dots change the meaning of the characters. The Kilrathi font, from what Mike has seen, can be written left to right & up and down.
Michael Lee 3-17-99

For: Catalytic Deviance

Welcome to the start of the Catalytic Deviance reference compendium. Aside from creative writings, you will find resources for:

- Literature studies
- Myths & Legends
- Writing Systems:
- Typography - layout & design of type & fonts
- Graphology -
- Calligraphy
- Chirography

- Cryptography, the study of message secrecy. In modern times, it has become a branch of information theory, as the mathematical study of information and especially its transmission from place to place.

- Orthography, which defines the set of symbols (glyphs and diacritics) used to write a language, as well as the set of rules describing how to write these symbols, including spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
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thanks so much!
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:D I love this font. It's really beautiful. A bit inspiring me to try to learn how to set up a font do one of my own runic type.
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Sadly this font conflicts with the Kilrathi alphabet seen in the original games (see Wing Commander: Prophecy's opening cinematic to view a stone slab covered with Kilrathi text) but having access to this Kilrathi text is still great!

This could be used to GREAT effect in fan films and the like.
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ok really stupid question how do we add this to applications?
PhoenixalThor's avatar
I used your stock here [link]
ReviPanda's avatar
Soo cool and very creative. I love the alienish tribal feel it has.
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Cool font. Is that based on the Kilrathi from Wing Commander?
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reminds me of Aurebash
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Has someone created plz accounts for the letters?
If not, may I have permission to create them?
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that's amazing. lol
Ancient-Hoofbeats's avatar
Some of those letters are actual words in other languages too though lol
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..really interesting and awesome---compliments for your work! :)
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Incredible *--* U'r so creative with the symbols it's seems kind of a strange language =D Thanks I'm using it a lot.
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Thanks.Very Mysterious Font!!
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iz thisa font? where can i download it?
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:) Right up there on the download button  next to the display of it.
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I used your fonts on my book cover
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