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Free to use but PLEASE
You may use my stock for whatever you like on dA, credit is required and it is the least you can do for all the generous stockers. Imagine having to buy all your stock to even try out an idea.
Link to me on your work and page
Fav image and Comment with link to your manip on my page

Want to see what you have done : )


If you want to use my stock inside of deviantART:
Selling any of my stock or textures is forbidden. This includes minor editing then perceived ownership as well.
You have to be a member of deviantART, You may submit your works as prints on dA.
You must send me the link to the deviation.
You need to credit my stock gallery in the description of your deviation.
Minor editing of textures and/or brushes and submitting as different resources or anything else is forbidden.
You may NOT use these stocks in the creation of other stocks without my express permission.

If you want to use my stock outside of deviantART:
Do not redistribute my resources! This includes submitting them to large resource websites or any type of redistribution database.
You can post your work on your personal homepage, blog, Flickr, MySpace or other art communities. IF you link back to my stock account. Send me a link to your work, if you didn't before- a link back to my dA account is required as well as noting me with your url, please.
You need my permission for commercial use of my stocks.

Don't use my stock for illegal, racist, pornographic or violence works.
Don't use my stock for pictures that are an outrage against good taste.
You have to delete your work from your gallery if you don't abide these rules.
My stock doesn't belong to the public domain.
You're not allowed to post my stock on any website.
© 2009 - 2021 Designdivala
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Hi, could I have permission to use your stock in a poster for a teacher's classroom (the owls). Thanks! 
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Omg so sorry havent been on here for a long time, of course you could use my stock on a class poster, hope you went ahead and did it :(
Hi there! I'm a photographer and I would like to use your dusk image of new york i believe it's called (dark city dusk)  to project onto my subject for an editorial story for my portoflio. WOuld this be possible? you can see some of my work on my instagram @_isaacanthony thank you!!