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Flat Free Social Media Icons 2013

Today I am unfolding new flat social media icons of 2013 that can be used for personal or commercial projects.
Feel free to download this icon set

Flat Social Media Icons

Posted on (As the best social icons)
Posted on (As the best example of flat icons amoungst thousands of entries)

Do comment if you like.
:heart: for dA.
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Nice icon Great Job
Thx u! great work!
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Looking Awesome :)
Thank you! Your work is beautiful! Will share link when done.
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You are welcome bro :)
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I love these, they're just perfect for my new blog! :love:
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Thanks for the Appreciation & I would love to see the link
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You're most welcome, thank you for sharing these great icons! :) 
The link is here portfolio.whitewolfwebdesigns.… you can find your icons on the left hand side floating social media bar. They really are just perfect for what I was looking for :D
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Waooo.. How did you make that & very nice blog you have.. i have just subscribe you as well.
Please let me know how you did that?  I would be very thankful
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I'm afraid I can't take any credit for the social media tab, its a plugin called Floating Social Media Links, if you search the WP plugins you'll find it without problem. :) I'm not really much of a coder, I only do it when needs must!
Thank you for the subscription, hopefully my inane ramblings won't be too boring for you! :lmao:
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Thanks!.. I thought you can code too. BTW when i resize the window for iPad and iPhone it disappears. :(
& why did you disable commenting on your blog? Just asking. :) & let me ramble with you for a while :D 
You can get inspiration from my blog too my freebies are way too awesome they won't get you bored. :P

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:lmao: One of the best comments I've ever had!

I turned off the floating bar on tablets and phones so that it doesn't float over the text, it looks pretty bad and makes it hard to read stuff. I can code, I just don't when I don't need to as JS,  HTML and I have a rather strained relationship, it annoys me and I yell at it!
I disabled comments cos I got fed up of the sheer amount of spam I was getting, apparently the spam filters weren't good enough. I'm looking into making it better so I can put them back on and let everyone ramble back at me! I'm well acquainted with your blog, it's in my favourites and I do love sitting and browsing it whenever I fancy a break from designing :lol:
Are you implying my freebies are boring? :p  :mwahaha:
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Not at all but you should share your work and this is how you get back links from renowned sites a little bit dedicated traffic can be beneficial in finding good clients.... after all we all love freelancing. Use Akismet to block spam or discuss for commending system. Anyways nice to meet you and stay in touch. :) & many thanks for browsing :)

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hum.... effective.. :-)
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