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Joan of Arc by DonatoArts Joan of Arc :icondonatoarts:DonatoArts 6,717 297 Daggers in the Night by MikeDoscher Daggers in the Night :iconmikedoscher:MikeDoscher 855 30 Monochrome by NienkeF Monochrome :iconnienkef:NienkeF 110 38 Time machine by AleksCG Time machine :iconalekscg:AleksCG 2,829 235 Steampunk Enterprise Remix by jeremyschwer Steampunk Enterprise Remix :iconjeremyschwer:jeremyschwer 37 5  Victorian Steampunk Enterprise TOS  by jeremyschwer Victorian Steampunk Enterprise TOS :iconjeremyschwer:jeremyschwer 48 25 Purple Blue and Orange by ask0r Purple Blue and Orange :iconask0r:ask0r 133 25 Demand and Supply by alltelleringet Demand and Supply :iconalltelleringet:alltelleringet 2,541 143 The Clockwork Music by sigu The Clockwork Music :iconsigu:sigu 64 5 Dirigible (The Phaege) by kceg Dirigible (The Phaege) :iconkceg:kceg 48 8 New York City Times Square by Zawij New York City Times Square :iconzawij:Zawij 669 153 small yard 2 - Tobarra villa by kasrawy small yard 2 - Tobarra villa :iconkasrawy:kasrawy 56 37 Reverence by IvanAndreevich Reverence :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 1,183 41 Warmth II by IvanAndreevich Warmth II :iconivanandreevich:IvanAndreevich 646 18 3D table2 - Mandelbuld 3D with Parameter by matze2001 3D table2 - Mandelbuld 3D with Parameter :iconmatze2001:matze2001 37 6 Jowett desktop 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper by yereverluvinuncleber Jowett desktop 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper :iconyereverluvinuncleber:yereverluvinuncleber 24 11
Just to let you know, I see Eclipse has already been rolled out for all non-logged in users. I just visited DA on a Win7 desktop and the usual desktop had been eclipsed... It looked really quite bad. A mobile interface for a desktop system. Text massive, images massive, a huge amount of space at the top (6" or so) where an advertising image is clearly meant to reside and it bears no resemblance to the home page I would like to display. Oh yes, black, unfinished and lacking any polish. Generally not what I wish to use.

I am just letting you know I am closing this group for new submissions/membership as I no longer wish to run my groups given that the new interface will make managing groups on DA an unpleasant chore on a desktop system. Regardless of whether DA implement it now or later it is coming, so my decision is made.

I will leave the group standing but no new submissions will be taken/approved and I wish  you a goodbye unless DA see sense and retain the desktop interface for desktops ad infinitum. The group will be retained for the time being until I decide to close it or transfer it to another co-founder.
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Welcome to DesignAddicts! Enjoy submitting here. We are liberal as to how many you submit as long as they aren't blatantly commercial (requiring external payment) and as long as they fit in the appropriate category. Enjoy Design Addicts and submit!
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Design-Addicts Rules


The group has been closed due to the onset of the DA change known as ECLIPSE. This Deviant admin no longer wishes to maintain this group under the darkness imposed by the ECLIPSE GUI modifications. The group will remain closed until ECLIPSE is improved or overhauled.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Design-Addicts Deviant Art group. Please note - this is an ANIME and MANGA free zone

You must MUST, I say MUST read the rules before joining

About Us

This is a group featuring ALL types of design aspects. We welcome all styles and mediums such as the written word, traditional art, photography, digital art, web designs, etc!

Join Design-Addicts today!

Member Rules

First of all - if ANY of the rules seems to be aimed specifically at you - they are NOT - so don't be offended, don't take any of the restrictions personally. They simply reflect the group we want to run.

Members can submit to the maximum DA allows, currently five per day. Members own submissions must be placed into the correct folder. All submissions of your own art to the featured folder will be rejected as only the moderators will determine what is allowed there. You can suggest another Deviant's art to the Featured folder by comment or PM to an admin.

We reserve the right to move any submissions to/from the featured gallery as we see fit.

All join requests are accepted after review.

When you join we will send you a courtesy welcome on your page to welcome you to the group.

Please be kind and considerate to others, I believe we are a bunch of nice people here!

Art Rules

o All art is reviewed before being accepted into the group
o We reserve the right to remove or replace any submissions to and
from any gallery as we see fit.
o We reserve the right to remove any submissions
from the group as we see fit.
o All art styles and mediums are welcome but read all the rules for certain limitations.
o Commercial ie. paid for art is welcome but only in the commercial folders. Remember we are NOT an advertising venue and spamming the group will lead you to being banned very quickly indeed.
o Links to external commercial sites will get your submission removed automatically.
o Mature art is welcome though please make it tasteful and not gratuitous. We may decline works where bare flesh is the main component.
o We are now happy to receive work-in-progress of any sort - please make sure it goes into the WIP folder.

Declined art
isn't the quality we're looking for.

Daily submission limit is generous 5 for members


We are going to be quite strict about submission from this point onward. For a long time deviants submitted into any folder they chose and the result was a cluttered mess. We spent days tidying up the folders in the gallery and we sort and tidy weekly.

There ARE a LOT for folders, this is inevitable given the nature of design (it spans all genres) and the folder size limitation in DeviantArt. So PLEASE find your folder and submit to the most appropriate.

So, to keep it nice and tidy, if you submit incorrectly (into the wrong folder) it will be rejected. Please don't take umbrage, understand that we simply intend to run a tight ship.

Only suggest art here if you think the art/design is truly worthy. PM the admins if you think there is something particularly worthy.

Desktop Themes, Skins, Widgets and Wallpapers - specifically handheld desktop design as distinct from mobile. We shall draw a distinction to mobile themes.

2D Modelling
3D Modelling and Scenes
Pure Digital Art
Editorial Design
Vector Vexel
Icons and Icon Sets
Resources, brushes, stock
Free PSD
Architectural Design
Traditional Art
Typography Calligraphy and Fonts
Commercial Web Layouts
Resources Brushes Images Stock
Work In Progress
The Written Word
Journal Entries

Cartoon Anime Manga/Comic Book art -
This folder is now closed - this contains our legacy general cartoon style creations regardless of the medium used to create.

First of all I want you to understand why this rule is in place. You may not be aware but the the current prevalent style for children and teens on Deviantart is Anime or Manga and that this group on DA comprises 90% of the submissions that are placed onto to DA. All groups are currently being swamped with these submissions and if we want to remain a group for mature/high quality submissions then we need to maintain a blanket ban on all such work.

So, we discourage general anime /manga cartoons unless they are high quality and have a specific design aspect and reason for creation - but in general this type of submission will not be allowed in this group.

A simple rule is - anything that has overly large eyes isn't wanted. At first it appears a strange rule but in reality it weeds out almost all Manga and Anime art.

Note: The highest quality works of this sort may still be considered and other quality cartoon works may be accepted but there are no guarantees.

So, be aware that if the eye proportions are natural then we are more likely to accept. Images of big doe-eyed animals, girls that look like disney fairies, sexualised cartoon females or any other Disney comic book creatures, human or otherwise, without descriptive text that justifies their design element will be removed without question.

If your submission looks like one of these Japanese inspired cartoons in any way or form then it isn't wanted here and no cute Japanese/Korean TV show boy/girl style photos substituted for anime characters either!

Commercial Resources - Commercial submissions to anything other than commercial folders marked as such will be automatically rejected - we strongly discourage commercial submissions - please resubmit your deviations as donation supported and we will be happy to accept.

An untriaged folder for lazy people
This folder will be regularly cleared down, so submit to it at your peril. Please find a more appropriate folder instead.

Mobile - Themes, Skins, Wallpapers - specifically handheld mobile design as distinct from desktop. We shall draw a distinction to desktop themes.

Work In Progress - this is a new concept for us - it will allow you submit work that is only partly finished so we can see how the creative process works/progresses.

Please ensure these have a list of the resources used. if you're too lazy to reference, we may be too lazy to accept

DeviantArt Rules

FAQ #157:
Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #306:
Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #217:
What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Lots of rules - but hopefully what you've come to expect from a DeviantArt group that takes its members seriously. Enjoy your time submitting here - please!

If your submissions are not accepted into this group please do not take offence as we may not accept everything.

Please be aware that if you block comments on your account or on your deviations we will not be able to accept nor host your submissions and you will be removed from the group.

All submissions MUST be in English or have the original text translated to English, sorry about this but it is rather important we understand what you are posting...

Visit and join our closely affiliated groups:

:iconsteampunk-artists: :iconyahoowidgeteers:

Gallery Folders

Pz. IV Ausf H by marinkognito2
Hawker Hound by Small-Brown-Dog
Fish The Shoe. 2017 by Yudaev
Sophie Me-Moire (Extravaganza illustration) by CarnivalNevermore
3D Model Design
One person's room by Foxeleos
Student Center by Foxeleos
Petersons peepers by Small-Brown-Dog
Linked Star Ball - Blender 2.8 (Upcoming Tutorial) by LuxXeon
2D Modelling CAD
Type 44 Modular Space Warship by BlastWaves
Unnamed face by il-Kufa
Fantastic Duck by Aqeel2020
... by Nobert-Stanel
Manufactured Real World Designs
Watch Parts Dragonfly No 28 w/DVD wings (II) by AMechanicalMind
Watch Parts Beetle No 7 w/DVD wings by AMechanicalMind
Watch Parts Spider No 106 by AMechanicalMind
Dieselpunk Clock 2 4 by dkart71
Architectural Design
Building Design by BaukjeSpirit
Factory 2 by Roseum
City Landscape by Beneke
ECOLOGY in architecture by Zawij
GUI design
Steampunk Moon Phase Widget and Icons by yereverluvinuncleber
Panzer Flip Clock Widget by yereverluvinuncleber
World of Tanks Hit Rate Gauge by yereverluvinuncleber
Icons set vol 3 by tashamille
Desktop OS Themes
Delphic by devillnside
Aegis X for Windows 10 1903 by devillnside
X-MultiPanel for xwidget by Jimking
Blue Cobalt X Edition for Windows 10 1903 by devillnside
Mobile OS Themes
PJ4F by Itsmiswanglyesohot
Wallpapers para celular by acg3fly
Robotina by acg3fly
El Ojon by acg3fly
Pure Digital Art
Lady - Devil May Cry 5 - Close Up PREVIEW by DasGnomo
Bio.Immortal Psychosocial Green by submicron
Bio.Immortal Assailant Orange by submicron
Batman The Animated Series by bat123spider
Traditional Art
SteamBank 3 by dkart71
Editorial Design
WWC Poster #1 by nahrain
WP Cover #11: Lost Heart. by Kellsyy
Road of Gold III by AnthonyPresley
Icon Design
Gen-2 Series 7TSP Icon Packs for Windows 10 1903+ by devillnside
Commercial Web Designs
#rainbow6 by pain-designs
Typography and Font Design
3D Long Shadow Text effect PSD - PsFiles by PsFiles
Vector Designs
Vector Diamond Ring by tashamille
Logo and Packaging Design
NCB Importation by elhot
Fashion Design
Zion Williamson/ Adidas 2.0 by Clitis
Commercial Fashion Design
Necrophiliac Pornstar - Shirt HOT Summer 2013 by elhot
PSD Resources
Fitness Club Free PSD Flyer Templates - PsFiles by PsFiles
Resources Brushes Images Stock
250+ Watchers Pack: Control. by Kellsyy
Commercial Resources
momenarts - store by momenarts
An untriaged folder for lazy people
BoT6 1 by Small-Brown-Dog
Ornate 3D by tashamille
CLOSED - Cartoon Anime Manga Pokemon
Advance on Bourguebus Ridge - 1944 by PeteAshford
CLOSED - Pure DigitalArt 1
Happy New OM by Ace0fredspades
Mixed Media Design
PsFiles Beauty and Spa Flyer PSD Template for free by PsFiles
Your Studio


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