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Rimelendor: Entering the Deep Part IV



I finally got my ducks in a row to continue my Entering the Deep series! Here's Levon Carver, his animal companion Nerios the Golden Eagle (yes they are that big next to a human!), and Lucia the Phoenix, another party member's arcane familiar!

Levon is the seasoned adventurer/cartographer of the group! He's been traveling the world and mapping it while he's at it for years now and his expertise is extremely important to the party right now! We're traveling through an entire forgotten COUNTRY underneath the Dwarven Province, so havin' a map of that location is extremely important since... there aren't really any out there to buy. This is a picture of him mapping a tunnel as we go by the light of a magical phoenix! 

It also doesn't hurt that he has a gigantic golden eagle, a magical mythril broadsword, and is a supreme ultimate badass. So! All around? A really important guy to have around!

Art (c) Me
Levon Carver (c) Friend
Nerios (c) Dale McDonald
Lucia (c) Roommate

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