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Stock and Resources DD Roundup for February 2013
Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria


:thumb353751254:Broken Glass Brushes - Eight by PerpetualStudios
:thumb354486327:Arabian 6 by KiwiaaFabric patterns 2 by xara24
10 Light Textures - Bokeh Pack II by MagnifiqueNGypsy Girl 5 by MickBarberMesh Pattern 8.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Autumn 23 by Avahlon-StockGet over here by Arcane-Catharsis25 by Luxxs
Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock
:thumb306715541:chibi tutorial ENG/RUS by YumiKFWitch Court Pack 6 by mizzd-stock
Horse Stock 26 by RuiorvenAdventure Book Tutorial I by PlushboxHandmade Halos 2 brush set by lily-fox
:iconpiratelotus-stock:PirateLotus-Stock 13 19
PE: Why I would/wouldn't DD an artist that has....
Full title: Why I would/wouldn't give a 5th DD or a DD to a piece with 1200 faves.
Disclaimer: This is a compilation article written by TanyaSimpson, pullingcandy and Lyricanna.  While we do not speak for the whole team, some of the points do generalize.  I want to state now that these are preferences, not hard fast rules and every CV has their own.  The only hard fast rules are that resources must be credited and no one can receive more than one DD within 6 months. 
Have you ever wondered why some CVs include fave or DD limits in their DD suggestion guidelines?  Why some of us will give a 6th DD or DD a piece with 10 000 faves and others will not?  Here are some reasons why.
Why won't you DD an artist that already has 5 DDs?
:iconlyricanna: The reason for this at it's simplest is to involve as much of the community as possible in DDs.  The more detailed version has 3 factors
:iconlyricanna:Lyricanna 21 28
CR Newsletter January/February 2013
Director of Community Relations :iconmoonbeam13: :
Table of Contents
1. New Submission Process and Thumbnail Examples
2. New Galleries and Gallery Additions or Change Requests
3. Why Wasn't I Chosen?
4. Volunteer Openings in Community Relations
5. Community Projects
6. Official Contests
7. Project Educate 2013
8. Art History Project
9. News from the Chats and Forums
10. News from the Galleries
11. Vacation Notice
1. New Submission Process and Thumbnail Examples
In my opinion, one of the greatest advantages to the New Submission Process, are the thumbnail examples and descriptions that appear when you're selecting a category.  It's no secret that we have misplaced deviations throughout the galleries and it's probably the most complained about topic I deal with on a daily basis. My team and I have been working hard to improve the descriptions and thumbnail examples for all of the galleries, and I'm happy
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 33 59
February 2013 Traditional Art DD Round-up
Hello all,
As this month is coming to a close, I present you with February's Traditional Art DDs.
Features by deshrubber
Dulce Muerte by Italia-Ruotolo-Art Electric Wasteland by misscarissarose Halcyon Days by MichaelShapcott Wine tasting by AnnaDart 5 Second Rule by freeny Child of the sun by CastrumAethereus Zawadzki Cabin by Laurazee The terminal leap of Streben by AFANTINI Speculum by RinRinDaishi The Weight of Her Words by DianneHoffman Fly again by Rienarts The Search for Trula ~ The Faerie Forest Princess by Awtew Concerto Abstract acrylic painting on canvas by escafan Wading for the Sun by jayalders X-Force: Sex and Violence by seankylestudios Echo of a Dream by Delawer-Omar Combat by Skippy-s
Features by Astralseed
Entering Meditation by gorakart Queen of the Seas by ddorrity Wolf Skull and Ravens. by urielstempest Comfort, new print released by Carnegriff accismus by menteurmenteur Ebony by Graemestevenson Slumber Minotaurus by edgarinvoker I Will Love You A Thousand Times by jervinyap The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Trefle-Rouge Entropy by DumonchelleDraws Bo's history: Bo are waiting bus with the Monster. by mirt The Broken Dream by Birni4 *.7 - Motyle#2 by psoty Love and Passionbats by donnaquinn Tree by spowys Fight against elements by hitforsa Winkelfuechse by Lupuna The ARRIVAL by shtirliz Frog Funerals by GenerallySpeaking - Three of Cups - by Losenko :thumb3497279
:iconastralseed:Astralseed 12 12
PE: Know what your CVs can DD
During my term as a Community Volunteer who accepts Daily Deviation suggestions it has become very clear that some people simply aren't sure who to suggest a given piece to for a DD.  While the majority of suggesters have a pretty good grasp on which CVs to send the suggestion to, there are enough suggestions being received which would be better sent to a different CV to warrant some education on the subject.  
Each DD selecting CV is assigned a gallery
Some people believe that anyone with an ^ symbol in front of their username can give out DDs and often there is no knowledge that we as CVs look over specific galleries which are the galleries we are allowed to select DDs from.
When looking over :faq18: you will notice the different galleries followed by one or more CVs who watch over those specific galleries.  To be very simplistic, if the piece you wish to suggest is in the Anthro gallery you'd then suggest it to KovoWolf who watches ov
:iconastralseed:Astralseed 20 25
Combat by Skippy-s Combat :iconskippy-s:Skippy-s 838 204
Complaints About Quality Declines in DD's
Complaints about quality declines in DDs
Let's take a quick look at what a Daily Deviation is first. You might remember this article from our last PE week A Daily Deviation is NOT an award, but a feature. If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at it! It's a great read and you can get a good foundation as to what a Daily Deviation stands for.
So, I'll be touching on the subject of "Complaints about quality declines in Daily Deviations". Why is this so important to touch on? That's a great question and I will be more than happy to answer it below as I describe some key factors that are often overlooked in the way of art vs quality.
Addressing Quality of Deviations
"A picture is worth a thousand words." 
There is a lot of this going around "Daily Deviations are losing quality. They're not as beautimous as they used to be.".  How about we step out of the shoes of "what is and isn't art" for just a s
:iconkovowolf:KovoWolf 26 59
ProjectPorkchop Vol206
ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

Suggested by LittleKirara
see more..

Suggested by neurotype
see more..
Wind by AliaChek A New Year Tale by AliaChek
see more..
Aire by sebasvieira Mujer contra mujer by sebasvieira Correr desnudos por la selva con la mujer y el cha by sebasvieira ALPS NO SHOJO HEIDI- RISING TO THE MOUNTAINS by sebasvieira
see more..
:iconastralseed:Astralseed 14 4
To Be Seen .26
A weekly article featuring five photographers from all areas in the deviantART community. Spare a bit of time to take a gander at the photographs and their respective galleries showcased below!


. by SylwesterSzymanski Sunny by SylwesterSzymanski First Autumn by SylwesterSzymanski
daka by SylwesterSzymanski Santa by SylwesterSzymanski
Idyllicznie. by Fiedka Usmiechnieta by Fiedka Pticz'ka. by Fiedka
Niezabudka. by Fiedka ... by Fiedka
:thumb337020820: :thumb334389887: :thumb328547927:
:thumb331819843: :thumb338020694:
If you have any suggestions for (improving) the Photography Gallery, anything photography related in communityrelations that you would like/we cou
:icon3wyl:3wyl 6 5
Echo of a Dream by Delawer-Omar Echo of a Dream :icondelawer-omar:Delawer-Omar 866 54
'Why is this a DD?' Why are you asking the artist?
The cool thing about art is that, unlike pretty much everything else out there, it's meant to elicit an emotional reaction.
Sometimes this reaction is rage. Or something close to it.
Sometimes when you see a DD you don't like or get or something, it's doing exactly what the artist intended. But other times, it has nothing to do with the art itself. Because, you know what, we all see DDs we don't "get" every now and then. I'll say it now: I don't like every single DD that has been posted.
More relevant to this conversation, I don't get why some of the DDs that have been posted were considered featurable (which, as we're trying to get across, really means: I don't personally think that some pieces merit 24-hour massive exposure).
And I have the right to think these things.
You do, too.
What's the appropriate place to find out why something was given a DD?
Protip: it's not the art.
It might be a self-suggestion or not, the fact o
:iconneurotype:neurotype 45 158
Nom Nom #35
Headed created by TouchedD
This week the theme is eggs courtesy of claremanson - fancy suggesting a Nom? Send me a note!

| Strawberries | Cinnamon | Chicken | Apples | Chocolate | Brussel Sprouts |
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 11 5
On monte? by Minizuki On monte? :iconminizuki:Minizuki 5 2 In the Spotlight by Goanna-Equine In the Spotlight :icongoanna-equine:Goanna-Equine 26 5 Reach for the sun by FrunX Reach for the sun :iconfrunx:FrunX 2 0 CLASSIC PUFFIN by lightrae CLASSIC PUFFIN :iconlightrae:lightrae 173 33



Sphere Factor. by Dreambo Sphere Factor. :icondreambo:Dreambo 499 49 untitled by Lyswil untitled :iconlyswil:Lyswil 440 65 Pagan by RT3D Pagan :iconrt3d:RT3D 18 2 Dream Cloning. by Dreambo Dream Cloning. :icondreambo:Dreambo 5 5


Traditional Tuesdays #80

Tue Apr 28, 2015, 6:40 PM

I'd like to welcome you to the eightieth edition of this article. THE STAR WARS EDITION! The first Traditional Tuesdays feature came out on Nov. 15 2011. The night I started this feature, I was bored and just browsing around the Traditional Gallery. I was finding all kinds great artwork, that for one reason or another I couldn't/wouldn't give a DD. It could be because they had a DD recently, but mainly it was for a link to go back and see what they created next, and if they took it to the next level. Now that I'm no longer a Community Volunteer, it can just be things that I like while browsing the Traditional Galleries. So.... here are eighteen works of art that I thought you should see. I can't trust all of you all with anymore awesomeness, you might hurt yourself! I hope you enjoy and find new things to love! Anyway, on with the show!

**WARNING: Viewing these works of art may cause giddiness, elevated heart rates, and happiness in the pants(which could lead to blindness)! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**

Yoda - Watercolor by Abstractmusiq   Darth Vader by MikeKretz
star wars masterwork card 13 by charles-hall
Darth Vader Tattoo by mayabriefs Chibi Star Wars Print by ElfSong-Mat
Storm Trooper Enlistment Photo by shank117 'Capture' by davenestler
Return of the Jedi by PeejayCatacutan
Admiral Ackbar by TripleS-Art Apprentice Leia litho with Remarque by kohse
Darth Sidious Star Wars by ArthurNebesskiy
Lord Vader by LucasConegundes Darth Bane by GothPunkDaddy
Moff Tarkin Portrait by CainePro
Japanese Empire Stormtrooper by byCavalera Empire Yoda by MasterEdi
Cloned by PityThumb

Peace, love, and art supplies!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm Tim. I like to mess around with all sorts of art forms, but mainly I like paint.

I can be found in the forums, #devart, and #help

Current Age: 37
Current Residence: Florida
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2X
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal
Favourite style of art: abstract
Operating System: Win7
MP3 player of choice: the one that I have
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: to hell with wallpaper, paint the walls
Skin of choice: tattooed
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield




:iconshiiragiku: :iconhazcr1tz: :icongregskrtic: :iconmene: :iconwalkinggedis:


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